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Information correct as of 31 March 2017

Issued share capital

Global Graphics SE's issued share capital consists of 11,365,707 Ordinary Shares of €0.40 each, of which 106,826 are held in treasury. The total number of voting rights of Global Graphics SE is therefore 11,258,881.

Prescribed particulars

Ordinary shares are entitled to one vote each in any circumstance.

Each share is entitled pari passu to dividend payments or any distribution.

Each share is entitled pari passu to participate in a distribution arising from a winding up of the Company.

The shares are not redeemable.

There are no transfer restrictions on the shares.

Significant shareholders Number of shares % of issued share capital
Stichting Andlinger & Co. Euro-Foundation * 2,032,011 17.88%
Powergraph BVBA ** 1,640,000 14.43%

* Stichting Andlinger & Co. Euro-Foundation is controlled by Johan Volckaerts, a non-executive director of the Company.

** Powergraph BVBA is jointly owned by Guido Van der Schueren, the Company's Chairman, and his wife, Ms. Brigitte Noël.

Dividend policy

The Company has not distributed any dividends since its inception in late November 1996.

The board reviews dividend policy at the end of each financial year.