The software behind perfect printed and digital communication
Perfect printed and digital communication

gDoc Application Platform

Create modern, high quality document applications quickly

The gDoc Application Platform is a development platform specifically designed to create high quality document applications quickly - perfect for creating digital versions of ring binders, document assembly tools, notebooks, whiteboards, or personal organizers.

Software built with the gDoc Application Platform can connect to many sources of information such as document management systems, cloud storage devices and physical drives, so you can adapt your products as new information sources arrive on the market.

Having used gDoc's technology as a platform for Nikec Binder, we found it very easy and intuitive to work with. The technology has provided a versatile and flexible base for us to build a functional electronic binder that caters for multiple sectors with varying business requirements.

At a glance

  • Add value to an existing suite of products or devices with a highly capable document solution that carries your brand
  • Develop an in-house custom solution that addresses precisely the issue you have identified
  • Connect your application to many sources of information
  • Embrace your mobile and BYOD markets
  • Develop using widely available skills (.Net (WPF), HTML5, Objective C and Java)


The gDoc Application Platform contains technologies that target many operating systems. Download the brochure for more information.

gDoc TrueView™

gDoc platforms use gDoc TrueView™ to display sharp and fluid page rendering on the new generation of high-density, high-resolution screens and are also available on iOS and Android.

Developed from the ground up with high pixel density in mind, gDoc TrueView produces the page content in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) which allows for fluid and sharp page rendering especially on the hardware optimized HTML5 browsers.

Document Manipulation

Use the gDoc Application Platform to manipulate documents at an object level e.g. text, blends, color spaces, and images.

Document Conversion

The gDoc Application Platform excels at converting one Page Description Language (PDL) to another. Any supported input format (e.g. PDF and XPS) can be converted to any supported output format (e.g. PDF, XPS, SVG or PostScript) with extremely high-fidelity.

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Exceptional Support

We know that the work to deliver excellent products does not finish when we deliver you the platform. We pride ourselves on exceptional support and we work with you to get the most value out of your investment. We take the same flexible attitude to licensing because every company’s business model is different. We pride ourselves in the quality of our development and QA procedures.

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