gDoc® Application Platform

New digital document products in a fraction of the time and cost

gDoc Platforms make the move from paper to digital effortless. They enable our partners – software vendors and enterprises – to launch new desktop and mobile solutions within weeks.
Winner of the 2013 KnowList Award for Technology Innovation.
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The gDoc Application Platform is specifically designed to create modern, high-quality document applications quickly. It can be used to create digital versions of ring-binders, document assembly tools, notebooks, whiteboards or personal organisers.

Software built with the gDoc Application Platform is designed to be connected to many sources of information such as document management systems, cloud storage devices and physical drives.

Information about the gDoc brand is now located at

gDoc Binder on the desktop
You can quickly create different user experiences with the gDoc Platform. This desktop experience for corporate users shows a loose leaf binder.
gDoc binder on the slate or tablet
The Notebook shows a pen and multi-touch notepad on a tablet for school children.
Reinvent the user experience for a non-binder centric application like a whiteboard. Use the same extensive plugin and connector interface provided by the platform.
Remove all of the application chrome and reduce the binder to its core object. Reshape the user experience to work beautifully on a Microsoft Surface table. Rotate and scale the binder using touch gestures. Drag documents from the surface into the binder. Use the Pixel Sense technology to add content to the binder.