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gDoc® Platform

Build your own edocument application

gDoc Binder on the desktop
You can quickly create different user experiences with the gDoc Platform. This desktop experience for corporate users shows a loose leaf binder.
gDoc binder on the slate or tablet
The Notebook shows a pen and multi-touch notepad on a tablet for school children.
Imagine the advantages of creating edocument applications in a fraction of the time and cost of your previous projects with user experiences (UX) tuned specifically for target devices and vertical markets.
Winner of the 2013 KnowList Award for Technology Innovation.
Know List Graphic

The gDoc Platform is a Microsoft .NET based framework that provides an accelerated route to market when creating applications and utilities for assembling, displaying, and modifying documents from a range of different sources, such as existing document management systems.

Example code is provided in the form of two pre-written applications; gDoc Binder and gDoc Fusion. These can be used as a starting point for your own application, or as reference material on how to use the platform.

You can automatically expand the capability of other applications and customize the look of both the Binder and Fusion applications by adding a new skin. In addition, you can create conversion plugins and connectors. The gDoc Platform contains various examples of the gDoc Binder and gDoc Fusion applications.

gDoc Fusion, the document assembly application built on the gDoc Platform, can handle all popular document formats, whether or not the source applications are resident on the user’s computer. The user simply drags and drops pages together to create a new document.
The skeuomorphic design of the gDoc Binder application means it mimics the familiar concept of the ring-binder, including page turns.

The gDoc Platform offers a raft of productivity features for your users.

  • Significantly accelerates your time to market
  • Highly configurable to your target device or market
  • Stable, mature technology based on Global Graphics’ gDoc Core Technology
  • From a single, tested build you can create many user experiences
  • Can target any device from smart phone to electronic white board
  • Bespoke user interfaces can be created by your UX designer using Microsoft Expression Blend, often without the need for developers
  • Creates industry standard PDF including ability to archive to PDF/A
  • Secure 256-bit AES military grade encryption available

Shape your own user experience

The standard user experience with the gDoc Platform is a loose leaf binder, an instantly familiar and natural interface that we all know how to use. However, the user experience has been designed to be reshaped by our partners to match their branding, specific device capabilities or market so that you can create your own applications, such as a Document Assembly Tool, eBook Reader, Notebook, Whiteboard, or a Personal information manager.

Your UX designer can use Microsoft Expression software suite to shape the UX. The UX is then built into a separate module that can be switched when the application is installed or even at runtime. So from one platform you can create many user experiences... we call this SnapOn-UX.

gDoc Platform
The architecture of the gDoc Platform is based on Windows Presentation Foundation.


The architecture of the gDoc Platform is based on Windows Presentation Foundation. The gDoc Platform is designed from the ground up to maximize the strengths of the XAML technology stack. The format used for files is based on an extended version of Microsoft’s XML Paper Specification (XPS).

Plug-in Ecosystem

There are three kinds of plug-ins:
Document Conversion Plug-ins
These take one or more document file formats and converts them to either XPS or PDF for inclusion in the platform. The plug-in framework allows partners to develop and add their own Document Transform plug-ins to the ones supplied by gDoc.
Connector Plug-ins
These handle retrieving and submitting of documents or data to or from a remote repository into the platform. They also handle the task of updating the platform when the source document or data changes. The Connector Plug-ins can use any of the installed Document Transform Plugins to convert the source documents. A simple API is provided that allows partners to create their own Connector Plug-ins.
Content Creation Plug-in
These handle the creation or manipulation of text or graphic content

Uses the rich services provided by the OS

Modern Windows operating systems speak XAML and XPS fluently. This means that the platform can call on rich sets of services provided by the OS (e.g. DRM, search, printing, hardware accelerated display, digital signing, thumbnail generation, XPS file generation). Files can be opened in any standard XPS viewer, which means your customers can always get access to their content wherever there is a Windows Vista or later PC. The XP generation of computers can also be XPS enabled using a free download from Microsoft (Microsoft Essential Pack).

The gDoc Platform has been designed to create loose-leaf binder based applications but it can also be used to create other document applications.

Use industry standard tools like Microsoft Expression Blend to create rich immersive user experiences. Use a large universe of WPF and XAML controls to build your experience. Change between all of the user experiences you see here at runtime.

gDoc Binder on the desktop
Document viewing from multiple sources - create a loose leaf binder application with traditional menus driven by keyboard and mouse interaction. A traditional laptop or desktop experience for corporate users.
gDoc Binder on the slate or tablet
Notebook - change the user experience into a pen and multi-touch driven notepad on a tablet device for school children.
gDoc Binder on the whiteboard
Whiteboard - reinvent the user experience for a non-binder centric application like a whiteboard. Use the same extensive plugin and connector interface provided by the platform.
gDoc Binder on Microsoft Surface
Microsoft Surface - remove all of the application chrome and reduce the binder to its core object. Reshape the user experience to work beautifully on a Microsoft Surface table. Rotate and scale the binder using touch gestures. Drag documents from the surface into the binder. Use the Pixel Sense technology to add content to the binder.

If you have your own developers ask them to contact us for an evaluation copy of the gDoc Platform.

If you wish to work with one of our existing partners, please review the Partners web page on the web site.

If you would like to become a developer partner please contact us