The software behind perfect printed and digital communication
Perfect printed and digital communication


Jaws is a multi-platform technology (mobile, desktop and the cloud) that allows software application developers unrivalled access to the building blocks of the digital page and the freedom to change any aspect of a document. It is used for

  • optimized viewing on  high pixel density displays for  mobile, cloud and desktop document viewing
  • Manipulating and editing documents in a PDL agnostic way
  • High quality conversion from one Page Description Language to another

We use the Jaws to create reliable and true color PDF with our server. The robust and approved engine from Global Graphics is critical to provide a stable server environment for high performance processing and best quality document results.


At a glance


  • Multi-platform for the best performance on any device and operating system
  • Includes Jaws TrueView™ technology for viewing on the latest generation of mobile devices
  • Encapsulates 30 years of document science, evolving from our mature print technology
  • Based on our own IP not open source or technology owned by another third party
  • Many patents in this field


Jaws uses a technology for page rendering called Jaws TrueView™ designed specifically for the “digital” page. It gives  your users the best document viewing experience on today’s high resolution devices.

As screen resolutions continue to increase there is an expectation that content should look sharper and more readable at full-screen (100% zoom). Users expect fluid behaviour with no delays as they pan and zoom. Jaws uses a multi-platform solution that gives you the best performance on each operating system and device.

To see the result of this approach download the iPad gDoc Binder viewer from the Apple Store which has been developed on Jaws. There’s also an Android version available from Google Play.

Read more about Jaws TrueView™, technology for rending the digital page, in our brochure

Manipulation and editing

Jaws can be used to manipulate documents at an object level (text, blends, colour spaces, images). More importantly you can get access to the raw building blocks of documents in a way that works for all of the page description languages (PDLs) we support (e.g. PDF, XPS, SVG, PostScript® etc.). You can write your document manipulation code once and apply it to multiple PDLs.


Jaws excels at converting one Page Description Language (PDL) to another. Any supported input format (e.g. PDF and XPS) can be converted to any supported output format (e.g. PDF, XPS, SVG or PostScript®) with extremely high fidelity.

A central principal of the Jaws Document SDK is that we maintain as much of the original vector and object richness as possible Jaws will only render or remove objects if there is no other way to represent them in the output PDL.

Sometimes our customers try other solutions for PDL conversion and then discover their limitations. Make sure you start with Jaws.

Read more about the versatility of Jaws, from creating printer drivers for Windows to a cloud-based document viewer.


Working with you

We know that the work to deliver excellent products does not finish when we deliver our software to you. We pride ourselves on exceptional support and we work with you to get the most value out of your investment. We take the same flexible attitude to licensing because every company’s business model is different. We pride ourselves in the quality of our development and QA procedures.