Halftone Screen Optimization for Single-Pass Inkjets

This white paper addresses the quality challenges associated with high speed grayscale presses and provides information on how press manufacturers can  improve their output quality significantly. Global Graphics has developed a software tool called the Digital Print Quality Optimizer. It works by a process of carefully testing and measuring the printing characteristics of the press, in particular the placement of drops by the inkjet print heads and their subsequent interaction with the printable substrate.

The results are used by Global Graphics’ screening experts to generate highly optimized versions of the advanced Harlequin Multi-Level screening technologies. The result compensates for variables in the printing process and mitigates the effect of unwanted artifacts in the final print.

This technology breakthrough is available as a standalone screening engine that will work with any workflow or RIP, or a version that works with the Harlequin RIP.  Using Harlequin for RIPping as well as screening also resolves the additional challenge of how to drive the press at speed for variable data jobs.