Harlequin RIP OEMs

A high-performance PostScript language interpreter that manages color production tasks including RIPping, previewing, storing and transferring files to the proper image setting device. :Arkitex Grafix RIPs drive a variety of imagers including capstan, color drum recorders, computer-to-plate, laser printers and transmission systems
Express RIP
ExpressRIP provides a comprehensive array of image processing and workflow solutions, supporting over 180 image setters, plate setters, ink-jet plotters and color lasers. ExpressRIP also features an impressive line-up of advanced screening, trapping and color management options
Delphax Technologies, Inc.
Output support for driving the Imaggia sheet-fed digital print system, and the CR Series of continuous roll-fed printers
A PostScript© language interpreter, rasterizer and complete RIP Management System that can process a wide variety of file formats including PDF, EPS and TIFF
Digital pre-press and workflow management for industry leading black & white and color printers for all Print-on-Demand environments
Workflow ESP, DigiPage, FTIFF, Fusion RIP, Fusion SiLK, PPS, ColorRay
Workflow ESP - with DigiPage or FTIFF and a Harelquin RIP at its core - is Fusion Systems' automated pre-press solution for Windows, OS X and Linux. Fusion SiLK is for Silkscreeners. PPS is a Web-based publication proofing system for all Harlequin RIPs. ColorRay is proofing system for large format printers, plotters and devices. Fusion Systems provides open, scalable, and super fast pre-press plug-ins for commercial printers and newspapers.
Global Inkjet Systems
GIS has integrated the Harlequin RIP into its uniti™ Operating System to provide a fast PDF RIP, capable of handling variable data even when the file is not constructed in PDF/VT. GIS is also licensing Harlequin ColorPro™ to give accurate and consistent colour reproduction, which is a key factor in labelling and packaging applications.
HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server, HP SmartStream Ultra Print Server
The Harlequin RIP is the engine that drives the HP Indigo digital press range via either the HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server or the HP SmartStream Ultra Print Server. Variations on the HP DFEs are also used to drive the inkjet web presses such as the T400 from the Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions division of HP.
Cascade RIP
Cascade RIP drives a wide range of CTP and digital output devices including the HighWater Python and Cobra CTP Systems.
Hybrid Software
Cloudflow RIP
Harlequin Rip is used in conjunction with Cloudflow , a new workflow for today’s graphic production requirements.
HQ RIP, RealTimeProof, IJ Docs software
HQ RIP provides output support for Kodak Approval digital proofer, including Recipe Colors. RealTimeProof is a suite of web-based, collaborative proofing and remote approval solutions that provide previously unattainable accuracy and image quality for remote soft- and hard-proofing. IJ Docs Software is a full-featured suite that provides a way to create jobs on all KODAK VERSAMARK printing systems that support the Inkjet Printing Data Stream (IJPDS) format.
Output support for KONICA Digital Konsensus, Digital Konsensus Pro, KONICA ColorDicision, ColorDicision II
The Harlequin RIP is used for high-speed full color inkjet presses and new high-performance, high-quality electro-photographic liquid toner-based presses. The devices are designed for printing large volumes of invoices and statements, such as those issued by credit card and insurance companies.
OKI Data Americas
OKI proColor RIP
Output support for driving the OKI pro511 digital label printing press.
Rasterize-it, PrePage-it
Output support for 1-bit TIFF, 8-bit TIFF, PDF, PDF/X1-A, Photoshop .psd and other ROOM file types
Momentum RIP
Output support for Presstek DI Presses
Rampage RIP
Supporting native PDF, Rampage is a JDF-compliant, automated pre-press workflow for offset and digital printing. To speed turnaround times, prevent mistakes, and reduce material costs, Rampage is extended with Rampage Remote, an online approval management system that also allows for internet-based job submission with optional client-side preflighting.
RTI Rip-Kit
RIP-Kit is a PostScript 3 Software RIP that runs on Windows or Macintosh operating systems. It provides support for over 200 output devices including platesetters, imagesetters, proofing devices and printing presses. RIP-Kit also offers TIFF output for CTP, PDF output, trapping, color management, CIP3, advanced screening and Print Production Workflow software.
Support for 3404DI offset press
HQ-510 RIP, PixelStream Workflow Solution
The HQ-510 RIP is a high-performance, PostScript RIP for driving image setters. PixelStream Workflow Solution is a powerful, reliable, and integrated system that combines all the elements of a traditional digital pre-press workflow into a single economical unit for creating pages, trapping, rendering, imposing, and creating film or plates.
The Harlequin RIP® drives the SX9000 high- speed Kanji digital printer. The SX9000 printer is used for the high-volume production of bank statements, invoices and direct mail and is capable of handling vast quantities of Japanese data.
Output support for imagesetters, platesetters, & color proofers
Harlequin drives the web fed JETLEADER 1500 used for high-speed, full-colour digital newspaper production, printing 600 x 600 dpi duplex at 150 metres per minute.
Navigator RIP
Torrent RIP
Xitron's Navigator RIP excels in performance, reliability, and value. Powered by the latest Harlequin RIP, Navigator is available as a standalone RIP for output and/or proofing, a basic job management system with Navigator GPS or as a fully featured pre-press workflow with the Navigator Elite Workflow.