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The way we manage information in this social and mobile era is being transformed. The number of devices on which we consume information has proliferated and there has been an explosion of digital content as communication channels have multiplied. We expect to use our desktops, smart phones, tablets, netbooks and eReaders interchangeably. Application developers need reliable partners with a proven track record to get solutions to market quickly, keep engineering risk to a minimum and development costs well under control.

Faster than Adobe

PDF zoom Global Graphics is an expert in PDF, working with the format since it was introduced in 1993 and a member of several PDF-related international standards bodies. Our PDF creation technology is verified as being faster, producing high-quality conversion and with a smaller footprint than Adobe® Acrobat® across a selection of customer supplied test files, when converting documents into PDF from Microsoft Office.

Your development goals are our priority

text in various scripts and languages When Fuji Xerox wanted to add PDF generation to their DocuWorks suite the development project had to fit within their demanding release cycle. The PDF creator was required in seven languages as well as 32 and 64 bit versions. Global Gaphics completed the project in only six months.

A strategic development partner

Global Graphics’ expertise lies in electronic document formats, user interface design, Page Description Languages (PDLs) and printing. We’ve developed a number of leading PDF software applications as well as collaboration and productivity tools. Our platforms can be readily tailored to meet the needs of scanner, tablet/slate manufacturers and document management companies to meet your commercial objectives. Our approach is to work closely.

Our own core technology

Our eDocument Library (EDL) is a core technology within our platforms because encapsulates our extensive knowledge and experience with PDF, XPS, PostScript® and PCL. EDL provides a very high fidelity conversion path between XPS and PDF and back. This allows our platforms to import and export the richest PDF content such as Video, 3D, sound, and annotations. EDL allows us to convert new document formats to and from XPS and PDF enables us to confidently unlock all of the capabilities of the Microsoft XAML ecosystem.

Platforms that add value

Our platforms are so adaptable that it’s easy to fill that gap you may have in your product offering to access new revenue streams and to ensure that your application is suitable for multiple publishing channels across a range of devices. We are constantly developing ideas that are new in concept and ease of use to help you keep one step ahead and be nimble and quick in your approach to market.

Document experts

We’ve been experts in PDF since the format’s inception in 1993 and even today are still actively involved in PDF ISO standards committees. In 2003, due to our expertise in document formats, Microsoft asked us to provide proof of concept and development services for XPS, Microsoft’s new print and document format. Our core technology handles PDF, XPS, PostScript®, PCL and can convert proprietary formats into PDF.

PDF/A compliant for archiving

Corporations, government departments, the financial and legal sectors are just some who benefit the most from adopting a common standard for long-term preservation and retrieval of electronic documents. Our platforms allow your users to product PDF/A compliant documents. Global Graphics’ CTO Martin Bailey is the UK primary expert on PDF/A and active on the ISO standards committee.

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