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Changing the game is the key to success

In 2009, when iSys Label were preparing to launch their new range of toner-based label printers they were about to break the boundaries of price/performance by giving brand owners the ability to print high-quality, full-color die and non-die cut labels, on demand and from the desktop by just plugging their printer into the wall!

At the time iSys Label knew they had the right printing hardware platform but just needed to figure out how to maintain the image quality consistently throughout the print run.

That’s where the Harlequin RIP®’s ability to manage color and apply in-RIP half-tone screening was instrumental in ensuring consistent image quality and toner density from the first label to the last.

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Filmed at LabelExpo 2015, Mark Hopkins, President of iSys Label, introduces the Apex 1290 digital label printer and explains how Harlequin's color management is essential in maintaining quality.


For iSys Label the creation of a new product line that brought superb image quality at an attractive price point to the desktop – the EDGE 850 retails at under USD 20,000 – was new science. Wind the clock forwards and iSys Label has gone from strength to strength with customer from around the globe and a new product added to the stable, the APEX 1290.

The EDGE 850 and the APEX 1290 have been a huge success in the beverage industry in particular because labels can be printed in a single pass, no finishing is necessary and the color matching is done automatically. Set up time is minimal and the quality is exceptional.

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The EDGE 850 toner-based label printer: 8.5 inches wide capable of producing 30,000 pages per month/ 30,000 feet per month.

The APEX 1290 toner-based label printer: 12.9 inches wide capable of producing 50,000 plus pages per month/ 50,000 feet per month or 100,000 – 1,000,000 labels per month.


Digital label printing


Guaranteeing accurate brand colors and consistent color density for a new, ground-breaking, toner-based range of label printers in order to open up new market in desktop label printing.


Harlequin® MultiRIP™


Global Graphics’ Harlequin RIP® provides the excellent color control required to ensure consistent color density throughout the print run, guaranteeing that the first label out is identical to the last.


You can take some competing products using toner based technology and compare them to our output and we are hands down a much better image. These competing solutions are not using Harlequin.

Brand owners are trying to sell what they’re manufacturing and if the label doesn’t represent the quality of the product in the bottle or the packaging they won’t use your technology. We feel truly honored that more and more brands are taking our equipment and using it to represent their products.

Mark Hopkins, President, iSys Imaging Systems Group