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Innovative core technology for digital print


The big niche player

Wasatch has used Jaws as the basis for a range of SoftRIP variants to exploit niche market opportunities in textile, newspaper production and label printing in addition to display graphics and signage.

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Digital printing of large format graphics, textiles, ceramics and labels. Production of film separations for offset print via digital inkjet printer.


Flexible and extensible interpreter required to allow diversification of RIP product line to address a variety of digital print applications beyond conventional large format graphics production. Configurability and conformance to PostScript®and PDF standards crucial.


Jaws PostScript and PDF interpreter.


Global Graphics has worked with HP to minimize the total costs of the DFE through optimization of the RIP software. A close, collaborative development partnership, whereby each party shares product roadmaps early, plays a crucial part in the success of projects.

“There is real merit to Jaws, it creates a smooth interface between the PostScript language and the underlying code.”

Mike Ware

Newcomers to the large format printing (LFP) arena might be surprised to hear Mike Ware, founder and CEO of Wasatch Computer Technology, makers of the widely-used Wasatch SoftRIP, say, “the problem of printing high quality color-managed images was solved in 1998”, but long-time players in this sector would agree that this is a mature and highly competitive market. In such an environment, equipment and software suppliers naturally seek differentiation for their products, and in Wasatch’s case this has meant pursing specialty applications outside the normal run of LFP production.

The flexibility to diversify

The underlying technology that has made possible this wide diversification of applications for Wasatch is Global Graphics’ Jaws PDF and PostScript® RIP SDK. Jaws features and open and extensible architecture that allows it to be used as the foundation for a wide range of software applications covering different imaging technologies and performance requirements.

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Wasatch SoftRIP supports hundreds of large format printer models from around 70 different manufacturers; smaller format printers and a wide range of cutters are also supported. New models are continually being added to the list.