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Inkjet Conference 2021

16 Jun 2021 - 16 Jun 2021

Virtual event

The IMI Inkjet Conference 2021 runs from February 17th through to December 15th 2021 and includes sessions on a scheduled basis every two months.

Join Eric Worrall, Vice President of Products and Customer Success, Global Graphics Software, for his talk in Session 3 on June 16th 2021:

How to integrate inkjet into the smart factory

Eric will discuss how:

  • Inkjet will find new manufacturing applications
  • Inkjet integration into smart factories requires software/hardware stack and rethink
  • Adding smart factory print subsystem requires smart digital front end that uses AI to power its components and OPC UA-compliant interfaces (open standard for industrial communication exchange) to connect to production system
  • The smart factory and the smart digital front end has the potential to provide retailers with the 'Holy Grail' of mass-personalized/customized products at near mass-production prices.