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Harlequin OEM Marketplace

The Harlequin OEM Marketplace provides a channel for each Harlequin OEM to list products and technologies that may be of value to other Harlequin OEMS to enable them to offer a more complete solution for their users. You may also find the listings for the Harlequin Partner Network useful.

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Compose System is a Prepress Solution provider. We offer interface solutions to imagesetters, inkjet and laser printers and also focus on workflow (EWF) and its related applications to enhance productivity for users. EWF offers imposition, color management, load balancing between devices and remote monitoring, making it one of the unique solutions for newspaper production.

Today our products cover various print solutions for labels, hang tags, VDP and automatic ganging for jobs with different sizes and shapes. We also provide ICC Profile solutions and Spot Matcher to identify spot color quickly and easily. It is closely linked with the Harlequin RIP making it an integral part of the RIP.

Compose sells through a worldwide dealer network and Harlequin OEMs. More...

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If you have printed spot colors on your laser or inkjet printers, you know your spot colors will come out either off or way off, even if you already have color management for your printer. With SpotMatcher by Compose, you have the perfect tool to help you find the best combination of colorants for your printer to reproduce the spot colors on your printers, even if you don't have a spectrophotometer!


Velocity is an easy-to-use but effective variable data document creation tool providing variable text, images, nearly fifty 1D and 2D barcodes and color swatches for both fill and stroke and supporting overprint and knockout. When outputting, you can choose to limit the number of records per PDF so that the RIP can start ripping while the variable data is still being generated, print only a range of records, or just static or variable elements. In addition, it also supports sheet and roll impositions with advanced options for the arrangement of records on the output.


QuickFit is a gang-run production solution for both digital and offset presses. It is easy to connect QuickFit to your web-to-print solution (such as Pressero) via job ticketing. Imposition can be done in both free-flow and template mode. In free-flow mode, imposition is calculated from the job sizes and quantities, using up every last bit on your paper. In template mode, you can easily select jobs of the correct sizes and complete the templates in seconds. A Layout Report is also provided so you know exactly where your job is on the printed sheet, helping you collect jobs without mistakes.

BigIceBox is a special version of QuickFit for gang-run of greeting cards. BigIceBox provides separation previews so you can reposition your jobs based on spot separations for foiling or glittering etc.


TagEngine is a powerful solution built for hang tag productions, shortening production time from days to under an hour, reducing error by providing error-checking functions such as custom dictionaries, and offering comprehensive reports to help collect the tags and prepare them for packing. The imposition engine supports both offset and digital printing and is custom built with unique features for hang tag printing.


V-Labels is a production solution for roll-fed inkjet printers supporting both normal and pre-diecut rolls. Multiple labels can be imposed on the same roll with comprehensive support for eye marks. Variable data creation is optionally supported with the Velocity module, and the variable data output can be imposed by V-Labels as well.


Compose provides both PDF and 1-bit imposition with advanced signature configuration features for complex imposition and users can view all signatures while working on the impositions. The advanced output option allows you to add page trim box for proofing, perform tiling and rotation, and select to print selected separations only (1-bit version only). Both versions are integrated with the Compose Express Workflow to provide automated imposition.

Express Workflow

Express Workflow is a workflow automation solution for the Harlequin RIP. Drop you job files into an input folder and it will automatically preflight, trap, impose your jobs and then generate CIP3 data and 1-bit TIFF for your CTPs. Express Workflow is compatible with Harlequin RIP v8 and above.


For almost 40 years, Xitron’s development team has been creating prepress software applications and CTP interfaces commissioned by the principle vendors of the printing industry. From simple Harlequin RIP/output applications to complex workflows, Xitron leads the way in innovative software design. Compatible with virtually every output system available today, Xitron products can be found in commercial offset, high-speed inkjet, variable data, flexo, packaging, labels, screen printing, and transactional data applications. More...

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Xitron’s Northstar is a combination workflow/spot color correction kit for the Harlequin MultiRIP. By combining the power of Harlequin with Xitron’s color transform technology, what you see is what you print, consistently. Whether your jobs are made up of CMYK, Pantone spot colors, or a combination of both, Northstar gives you the color control you want for OKI and Memjet-based printers.

Workflow Server

Providing a scalable, efficient, and intuitive workflow for the Harlequin MultiRIP, Xitron’s Workflow Server is an economical solution for small to mid-size prepress departments. It includes Mac & PC client connectivity and multi-zoom preview while offering high-end options like pre-flighting, imposition, and ink remapping.

Epson Proofing

Xitron’s vDot4 and vDot5 Epson Proofing plug-ins produce repeatable, accurate, color proofs from the same Harlequin MultiRIP that provides high-resolution CTP output. Stock media profiles for the most popular proofing papers are included for out-of-the-box compatibility. Supported proofers are the 4900, 7900, 9900, 7890, 9890, SureColor 6000, 8000, 7000, and 9000 in Standard and Commercial Editions.

Inkjet Direct Plug-in (IJD)

IJD provides control and functionality for positive film output on Epson proofers. Screen printing and flexo shops that still require film will find this an economical alternative to aging imagesetters and chemical processors.

USB CTP Interface

Xitron’s ubiquitous USB interface (the Blue Box) is capable of driving over 200 CTP models from Screen, Agfa, Kodak, ECRM, Fujifilm, Heidelberg, Scitex, Presstek, and others. Designed to work with any Harlequin MultiRIP, they are 64-bit compatible and eliminate the issues associated with older PCI interface cards such as drivers and slot availability. SCSI, APIS, PIF, Pelbox, Speedway, and Scitex 1 & 2 are all supported.