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Digital Labels and Packaging

With the Harlequin Host Renderer at the heart of your printing press you can create exceptional quality output that will meet brand owners' exacting requirements for representing their products.

That's because Harlequin enables you to achieve accurate brand colors and consistent color from the first to the last print.

And with Harlequin you can build digital front ends (DFEs) for your label and packaging presses without incurring high costs and minimize the bill of materials for the DFE vs. the cost of the press.

Plus with an increase in special product offers, time-limited and regionally adapted ranges, today's label and packaging printers are under even more pressure to produce top quality variable content quickly and efficiently. Harlequin drives the fastest presses in the industry and handles variable data at high speed.

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“Harlequin offers the needed processing power to drive labels and packaging workflows and Global Graphics has proved itself to be a very responsive technology partner.”

Roy Faigenbloom, HP Indigo
Exceptional color management and screening

We know you need exceptional color management and color matching to satisfy your customers’ requirements. Harlequin ColorPro™ provides excellent color process control, giving accurate, consistent and predictable color reproduction for a wide range of workflows. Combined with the ScreenPro, you can be assured of high quality labels and packaging. Every time.

Your first choice for digital labels

You need consistent and reliable performance with high-quality output. Handling large amounts of data at speed and short runs are evolving issues. How do you achieve this performance without without making the DFE too expensive? With Global Graphics as your development partner you can be sure of the technical versatility and the commercial flexibility that will make your new press a success.

Variable Data Printing

Harlequin VariData™ gives you significant performance increases on processing PDF/VT and variable content in regular PDF files. It uses a unique method of intelligently recognizing repeated content and responds to changes in variable data usage.

Greater Speed

Harlequin Parallel Pages™ allows the RIP to process one page while it’s still rendering the previous one. It greatly extends multi-threading support, so you can use both your workstation and server-grade multi-core CPUs more efficiently.

“We chose Harlequin because we wanted to offer our customers a user-friendly experience when loading jobs to the machine and also to make it as flexible as possible.”

Thomas Jenssen, Trojan Label
Working with you
Every customer is unique

Global Graphics is not just a RIP supplier - a close development partnership is critical to achieve your goals and we engage early with you in the pre-planning process and work with you to optimize performance within your environment. If you need help to get your press to market or have a technical issue that's stopping you from reaching that market, our dedicated experts can help you to break through any barriers. Read about our Technical Services team. Support is important to us and we closely integrate our support teams with yours to fine-tune the RIP to particular use cases.

Flexible and open commercial model

We work with you to support your business goals and pride ourselves on our flexibility to match your requirements. We are open to discuss pricing models, such as per device pricing, which allows you to increase the number of RIPs required or set a number of RIPs per customer.

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