The software behind perfect printed and digital communication
Perfect printed and digital communication


Fundamentals offers inkjet press manufacturers a quicker way to get their presses to market. It is a new concept that combines the software products that are essential to create your Digital Front End with our BreakThrough Engineering Service that helps you overcome the technical hurdles involved in developing a new press.


Fundamentals is the result of our interaction with inkjet press manufacturers who are pushing the boundaries of inkjet technology as they develop their new press. When they can’t solve the problem on their own we step in and help them out with our combination of best of breed software and our new BreakThrough engineering service.

Martin Bailey, CTO, Global Graphics Software

At a glance

  • A single source of best of breed software with an expert engineering service
  • Create a truly customized, branded Digital Front End
  • Global Graphics’ BreakThrough engineering service provides experts when you need them
  • Achieve your cost, quality and speed objectives
  • The faster way to get your press to market
  • Works with or without the Harlequin RIP
  • Reduces your bill of materials

License what you need

Start with a single module or buy the complete bundle.

  • Label Layout Station from HYBRID Software
  • CLOUDFLOW Fundamentals
  • ProofScope from HYBRID Software
  • Harlequin RIP®
  • Harlequin ColorPro™
  • ScreenPro™

BreakThrough Engineering service

We know that every press, every application and every operating environment is different. You need experts at hand at the point when you need them. BreakThrough is our expert engineering service comprising color scientists, screening experts and RIP technologists. They provide the integration services that link Fundamentals together. 
Download the BreakThrough Service brochure

Problem solved!

Want an alternative to an Esko workflow for your new press?
Need to source the software for your Digital Front End but don’t know where to start?
Want to reduce your bill of materials without sacrificing quality or speed?
Need to avoid clustering and chaining with inkjet?

■ Label Layout Station

Help your customers to get started by providing a complete workflow. With Label Layout Station they can estimate and plan single or multi-gang orders on roll to roll at the start of the print workflow.

■ ProofScope

A soft proofer to verify before print separations, cut marks, bar codes, colors, dimensions and density.

■ Harlequin ColorPro

Provides consistent and predictable color for a wide range of design and creation workflows including Esko. Brand look up tables in a variety of color spaces meet the need for color fidelity and colors can be matched with conventional output for consistency across a brand presence. Support for industry standard ICC profiles, including device link and N-channel profiles. Read more.

■ CLOUDFLOW Fundamentals

An OEM version of HYBRID Software’s popular file management system that can be easily branded and customized to each press and is configured specifically for inkjet label and packaging workflows. From within CLOUDFLOW Fundamentals the file is RIPped and screening and color management can be applied.

■ Harlequin RIP

Reputed for the quality of its output as well as its speed, the native PDF Harlequin RIP feeds output to the press at high-speed without comprising on quality. It handles variable data and short runs with ease and is integrated with CLOUDFLOW Fundamentals. Read more.

■ ScreenPro

A standalone multi-level screening engine that addresses in software many of the quality defects such as chaining and mottling, that can’t be corrected mechanically. Using the BreakThrough service Global Graphics’ engineers measure test prints and process the results through Global Graphics’ new Digital Print Quality Optimizer tool. This calculates optimized patterning and overlaps for the various ink drop sizes available. Read more.

Fundamentals: a single source for the key software and services needed to bring your inkjet label and packaging presses to market

Working with you

Flexible and open commercial model

With Fundamentals you can license as many modules as you need or you can license the whole bundle which is less expensive than buying each item separately. The BreakThrough service ensures they integrate together effortlessly.