The software behind perfect printed and digital communication
Perfect printed and digital communication

Accurate, consistent and predictable color reproduction for a wide range of workflows

Providing full support for industry standard ICC profiles (including v4 and DeviceLink profiles) Harlequin ColorPro™ allows you to chain multiple transforms together for optimal management of all color on your press.

It provides exceptional color control as well; Harlequin ColorPro has been certified as a FograCert Contract Proofing System, delivering accurate colors and making optimal use of the printer's gamut so you can achieve certification with other devices and through other certification authorities.

And it doesn't only work for process colors; brand colors can be accurately reproduced, supported by extensible databases of 'named colors', allowing you to control their exact appearance on your device. The intended color appearance is retained even when brand colors are involved in live PDF transparency and emulated in process colorants.

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Certified as a FograCert Contract Proofing System - demonstrating exceptional color control and delivering an accurate and optimal use of the proofer’s gamut.

At a glance

  • In-RIP color management
  • Accurate color reproduction on any device
  • Powerful and flexible color management engine
  • ICC profile support including v2, v4 and DeviceLinks
  • Simple and fast calibration process
  • Pantone® support
  • Capable of separating ink limiting from color profiling
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