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Perfect printed and digital communication

Harlequin Parallel Pages

Ensure the highest possible throughput with Harlequin Parallel Pages and multi-threading

Multi-threading and Harlequin Parallel Pages allows maximum use to be made of both workstation and server-grade multi-core CPUs ensuring the highest possible throughput.

It’s one of the features available with the Harlequin Host Renderer print engine that speeds up the interpreting and rendering process significantly. The result is that high volume devices can be driven with fewer RIPs on fewer devices, reducing the bill of materials for hardware and operating systems for the digital front end that drives your press.

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Independent speed tests carried out by the Rochester Institute of Technology show that Harlequin has plenty of processing power head room over the industry’s highest performing digital presses, delivering pages far in excess of the print devices’ rated speeds.

At a glance

  • Harlequin Parallel Pages interprets and renders in parallel
  • Gives performance boost in single RIP integrations driving devices at higher page rates
  • Enables more efficient utilization of CPU cores in configurations using a ‘farm’ of multiple RIPs
  • Minimizes the cost of hardware required to reliably achieve engine speed
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