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Quality Optimization for Single-Pass Inkjets

This White Paper provides a backgrounder on halftone screening and explains why achieving maximum quality output is so difficult on a high-speed single-pass inkjet printing press. 

Global Graphics Software has developed halftone screens, an engine to apply those screens to a job prior to delivery to the print heads, and, a service to inkjet press developers to create tailored halftone screening that mitigates artifacts specific to their press.

The company has developed a collection of technologies and services that an inkjet press vendor can call on to assist them to increase the output quality achievable on their press while simultaneously maximizing processing speed to avoid slowing the press. They include:

  • ScreenPro™: a stand-alone screening engine that consumes contone (unscreened) raster data, such as a TIFF™ file, and applies a screen to it ready for the output device. ScreenPro can be integrated into the digital front end for a digital press to consume the output from a RIP from any vendor, including Esko
  • The Harlequin RIP®: renders graphics submitted in PostScript®, PDF etc to a raster format suitable for delivery to the drum or inkjet heads of a digital press. Harlequin includes sophisticated color management, screening and other functionality.

Access to these technologies and services can significantly reduce time to market.



ScreenPro™ is a recipient of a 2018 InterTech™ Technology Award

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