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The Jaws RIP is a fast, compact and architecturally open PostScript® and PDF RIP kernel designed for speed, compatibility, flexibility and easy integration. Available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms.

“Our customers have come to rely on the quality, consistency, and reliability produced by the Jaws RIP. The ease with which we are able to integrate each new update of the Jaws engine into our product is impressive.”

An OEM customer



Native PDF 1.7 and PostScript Language Level 3 RIP



Multi-threaded architecture


Small footprint

64-bit memory manager combined with dynamic memory management



Open architecture developed to be the foundation on which to build your RIP solution

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Font support

Ships with basic set of PostScript fonts as well as suitable default fonts for Roman and CJK fonts

OEMs get full access to the graphics pipeline via the unique Jaws “device class interface” and can implement a wide variety of features such as custom screening, image enhancement algorithms, and color management.

New in Jaws 3
  • Full parallel processing: multiple jobs, multiple PDF pages
  • Optimized transparency blending
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation – 64 bit memory manager
  • Re-engineered PDF font handling
  • Selectable defaults for latin and CJK fonts
  • Optional pre-display list downsampling can improve performance by reducing excess image resolution before extensive RIP processing occurs
  • Improved transparency tiling dynamically selects tile sizes yielding better performance
  • Large canvas support for all platforms.
  • All example device drivers now support ICC color correction
  • Files in excess of 2Gbyte are now supported
  • 16-Bit Blend support.
Full Parallel Processing

With Jaws 3, the full resources of modern systems are available to the RIP. Jaws 3 can use all the memory and all the cores on the system to process up to 16 pages (PDF) or 16 jobs (PostScript or PDF) in parallel. OEMs can accept the default Jaws allocation of memory and cores or configure this themselves.

In addition to processing jobs or pages in parallel, Jaws 3 also executes multiple parallel threads for a number of processes including transparency blending and color space conversion.

Optimized Transparency Blending

In Jaws 3 we look for every opportunity to use multiple threads across multiple cores to accelerate transparency blending. The result is better resource utilization and faster output for today’s high speed devices.

Extensive example code and documentation

Jaws 3 is supplied with an up to date reference manual as well as HTML help on the complete Jaws API and function dependencies. Example code covers a wide range of functionality from integrating color management and color substitution, to dealing with encrypted PDF files. The example test harness provides a simple introduction to how the Jaws library is integrated into a larger RIP solution.

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Jaws 3’s memory management has been re-written and, in addition to supporting 64-bit addressing, Jaws now dynamically allocates memory based on total system memory. This results in default memory allocations suitable for many more use cases yielding better performance with less customization.

Additional Font Features

In Jaws 3 our engineers did a full re-engineering of our PDF font systems to assure improved font handling and compatibility. Jaws 3 continues to provide our Font Emulation feature for PDF files. New in Jaws 3, users can configure unique default (fall-back) fonts for Roman and CJK font.

Jaws 3 - internal structure and connection to OEM code

Internal structure and connection to OEM code

Since 2000 more than five million copies of the Jaws RIP have shipped to users worldwide.

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We know that the work to deliver excellent products does not finish when we deliver our software to you. We pride ourselves on exceptional support and we work with you to get the most value out of your investment. We take the same flexible attitude to licensing because every company’s business model is different. We pride ourselves in the quality of our development and QA procedures.

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