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Together we can learn, share, innovate and enjoy increased success

The Harlequin Partner Network brings together partners who develop and sell technology that is complementary to the Harlequin RIP.

If you develop add-ons to Harlequin installations, create tools that are used in the same DFE or workflow as Harlequin, or provide technology to Global Graphics Software for use inside the Harlequin RIP, then why not join us?

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“In my opinion, if you have an idea for a product that would enhance a RIP, no matter how large or small, there is no other RIP in the world that you should look at, or company you should talk to when deciding your route to market.”

Andy Cave, CEO Hamillroad Software
  • Obtain copies of Harlequin for your test labs
  • Obtain pre-release RIPs when APIs are changed or extended (as appropriate)
  • Use our documentation to code against to help you fine-tune your products (as appropriate)
  • Have early access to information about upcoming Harlequin RIP releases
  • Have access to our support teams and product management on a time available basis
  • Be included in the partner listing on Global Graphics web site
  • Use the Partner Network logo
  • Join in with selected co-marketing programs
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Join the growing number of partners who develop and sell technology that is complementary to the Harlequin RIP.

Join us now

“The Harlequin RIP is among the most advanced in the industry. We have been working to ensure that with the Harlequin RIP and Color-Logic technology, OEMs ensure their digital print customers can use white ink on metallic substrates and eliminate the onerous task of creating white ink masks.”

Mark Geeves, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing