About Harlequin

The Harlequin RIP provides amazing performance and productivity. That’s why it’s the technology of choice for most print service providers with hundreds of thousands of active installations world-wide.


Harlequin is proven to be the fastest print engine ever according to independent speed tests conducted by the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2012. Only Harlequin has the performance needed to remove the pain points of slow files. The vast majority of jobs, even the most complex, rendered at the highest resolutions, can run at the full speed of the printer. This is due to ground-breaking new features such as Harlequin Parallel Pages™ and Harlequin VariData™.


Harlequin gives predictable, correct output time after time. It has complete support for all PDF features relevant for printing. Plus it achieves the balance required in the real world between compliance with the PDF standard and compatibility with key viewing and approval products. It has provided full support for live PDF transparency since 2002. PDF 2.0 feature support is already in the works through close involvement with the ISO PDF committee.


The rich feature set in the Harlequin RIP means that OEMs and system integrators can build a wide variety of solutions, fine-tuned for specific use cases. Many processes can be handled within the RIP including trapping, screening, color management, proofing, imposition and font emulation and many compatible applications are available through members of the Harlequin Partner Network. The bottom line is that they all increase efficiency and so reduce costs.

In my opinion, if you have an idea for a product that would enhance a RIP, no matter how large or small, there is no other RIP in the world that you should look at, or company you should talk to when deciding your route to market.

Andy Cave, CEO Hamillroad Software