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Perfect printed and digital communication

Light production printing

When your customer does not have experience in production printing but still needs to get optimum quality from their device they need simple tools to make print production easier, especially if it is not their main role within the organization.

How do you reach out to them and extend your market?

Harlequin Direct Print is a new solution that provides all the power and flexibility of Harlequin wrapped in an easy to use interface so that your customers can maintain efficiency without sacrificing output quality. Jobs can be processed quickly with minimal interaction from the operator, getting best color results from the devices without complex colour understanding. Minimal training is required leading to rapid user adoption driving print volumes.

And as you increase the power of your devices or add more color channels and media types you can rely on Harlequin DirectPrint to grow with you.


Address new markets

Harlequin DirectPrint has been developed specifically for light production printing applications. It combines powerful engineering with ease of use and is optimized for each device family to maximize its capabilities.

It makes it possible for you to target new users of your devices with a solution that does not require prior knowledge, complex training or reliance on IT support.

You can also differentiate your printer controller with your own-branded version that is developed specifically with your customers’ needs in mind.

At a glance

  • Expand your range into new markets with our simple user interface that hides unnecessary complexity
  • Own-brand your solution and differentiate your product range from your competitors
  • Grow your product range with us. Our solution is scalable as you increase the performance of your products from sheet-fed into roll-fed devices
  • Amazing productivity, image quality and color fidelity on a range of media
  • Accurate brand colors
  • Fast output

Easy to use

Give your customers a choice of how to print. Our user interface puts tools at your customers’ fingertips and lets them simply drag and drop print-ready files onto the printer controller.

Color quality

Using Harlequin ColorPro™ your customers will achieve consistent, accurate and predictable color reproduction across a wide range of workflows. Our long-standing expertise in screening brings pin sharp image quality to your print applications. Brand colors are handled with ease and color matching with other output is made possible with color emulation.

Unbeatable performance

Harlequin is the fastest RIP technology on the market and reduces the pain point of waiting for slow files. Your customers simply won’t have to wait for pages to be output from your device.

Variable data printing

When you customers want to add the ability to print variable data they can rely on Harlequin VariData™. It greatly accelerates processing time for variable data printing and is great for processing bar codes, QR codes or personalized graphics as well as simple text changes.


Expand your addressable market with Harlequin Direct Print

It has a simple user interface so that you can target those sectors of the market where the operator needs to produce quality prints quickly with minimal interaction.

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Working with you

Every customer is unique

Global Graphics is not just a RIP supplier - a close development partnership is critical to achieving your goals and we engage early with you in the pre-planning process and work with you to optimize performance within your environment. Support is important to us and we closely integrate our teams with yours to fine-tune the RIP to particular use cases.

Flexible and open commercial model

We work with you to support your business goals and pride ourselves on our flexibility to match your requirements. We are open to discuss pricing models, such as per device pricing, which allows you to increase the number of RIPs required or set a number of RIPs per customer.

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