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Global Graphics demonstrates native printing of new Microsoft print and document format

WinHEC, Seattle, 25 April 2005 04/25/2005 06:00:00 PM

Global Graphics' live WinHEC demonstrations introduce new generation of RIP (Raster Image Processor) technology.

A live demonstration of next generation printing in the Microsoft Windows operating system, code-named "Longhorn", is presented today at WinHEC, the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference and its companion conference Windows Driver DevCon, by Global Graphics (Euronext: GLOG), developers of technology for open document and print solutions.

At both the WinHEC and Windows Driver DevCon conferences, Global Graphics' chief technology officer, Dr. Adrian Ford, presents native printing of Microsoft's new print and document format, code-named "Metro". Dr. Ford demonstrates the advantages users gain when sending a "Metro" document to a print device that consumes "Metro" natively, without conversion to another intermediary format.

Unveiled today at WinHEC by Microsoft Corp., "Metro" is an open XML-based format that is used in document workflows and allows users to share, print and archive paginated-layout documents. As a Page Description Language (PDL), "Metro" will offer significantly improved screen-to-print fidelity to meet knowledge worker demand for documents rich in graphics content as well as the high fidelity needs of the digital imaging marketplace. At the heart of Global Graphics' demonstrations is its new Raster Image Processor (RIP), which takes text and images that comprise the "Metro" document and converts them into a high-quality raster form for printed output.

Global Graphics has been developing core technology to support this new print architecture since 2003. At WinHEC and Windows Driver DevCon the Company is demonstrating its implementation of a true native "Metro" raster image processor (RIP) as part of a print controller. Native consumption is the recommended route for implementing support for "Metro" because the best printing experience is provided when information is retained in the "Metro" format for as long as possible, without converting to an intermediate or device dependent form. Live demonstrations of native "Metro" printing will also run in Global Graphics booth at the WinHEC Expo.

The company is currently working with software and hardware vendors to implement complete solutions for "Metro" within the Windows print subsystem and beyond. These solutions are based on the core technology that Global Graphics has developed and will include:

  • RIP solutions for high performance print workflows and for low resource embedded scenarios;
  • Rendering technology that brings added flexibility and performance to the driver for use in host-based systems for converting "Metro" to raster; and,
  • Scalable solutions to enable "Metro" support across product families.

Current print devices do not support "Metro." Independent hardware vendors (IHVs) will need to enable support for "Metro" in their products to ensure that users benefit from the advantages and enhanced features that "Metro" provides. At WinHEC, Global Graphics is offering IHVs a variety of "Metro" support including training and full implementation services.

Global Graphics has a long history of providing cross-platform, high-performance software. The Company's technology is integral to products produced by printer manufacturers, document companies, and systems integrators worldwide. Global Graphics' broad technology portfolio includes: Raster Image Processors that convert text and images into printable form; software for document conversion and manipulation; and, components for digital workflows and color management. In particular, it specialises in technology for processing Page Description Languages and has worked with PostScript® since 1986, and with the Portable Document Format (PDF) since its introduction in 1993.

Editor's Notes

A White Paper entitled "Supporting 'Metro' for Printing Devices" outlines Global Graphics' presentation at WInHEC and Driver DevCon and is available at http://globalgraphics.com/

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RIP = a Raster Image Processor converts text and images that make up a printed page into printable form. RIPs are used in digital presses, printers, copiers and for transmitting information over the Internet.
PDL = A page description language specifies the arrangement of a printed page through commands from a computer that the printer carries out. Adobe's PostScript is one of the most commonly used PDLs
PDF = Portable Document Format is a standard file format for document management and distribution in a wide range of applications and is used globally for storing and distributing documents via the Internet, email, and CD Roms.
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