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Dynagram Imposition Software

Dynagram was founded in 1994 and has offices in Quebec City, Canada and San Diego, CA. Dynagram is synonymous with digital imposition.

As the independent technology powerhouse behind a wide spectrum of digital imposition solutions with unparalleled functionality, Dynagram's mission is to set an unprecedented, common-sense standard in the industry for the quality, efficiency and cost-savings of digital imposition. Flagship products DynaStrip, inpO2 are distributed worldwide by major prepress suppliers and manufacturers.


Here are some of the features that make DynaStrip the most advanced imposition solution available on the market and the best match to optimize your Harlequin RIP:

  • DynaStrip is fully compatible with all files supported by the Harlequin RIP: PDF, PostScript®, EPS.
  • DynaStrip’s design area simulates the traditional stripping table and offers total flexibility for simple or advanced layout creation.
  • Simply choose the document folder: DynaStrip Automation Edition detects all the pages based on their naming convention and automatically fills up the document list.

Here are some of the features that make inpO2 a perfect match with the Harlequin RIP.

inpO2 Basic + Automation package is perfect for small commercial shops and quick printers that need an efficient way to impose their basic work.

  • Improve productivity in your prepress department with inpO2 Basic + Automation that offers hot folders-based imposition for automated workflow with the Harlequin RIP.
  • Compatible with PDF file.
  • Allows to work with dynamic templates.
  • Reduces errors by automating common imposition tasks.

inpO2 Pro package is ideal for book printers to achieve their complex imposition jobs./p>

  • Experienced printers as well as new print professionals will appreciate inpO2Pro thanks to its powerful imposition functionalities and flexibility, combined with the most intuitive interface.
  • inpO2 harnesses the reliability and security of PDF, limiting costly production errors and downtimes.