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Wobe-team GmbH is a privately held company with principle business location in Kiel, Germany. It develops, commissions and supports software solutions for newspaper printing companies. Wobe-team’s products and services are available through wobe-team’s partners EAE, Kodak and Krause-Biagosch and through wobe-team directly. The distribution of the products and services takes place worldwide.

wobe-team GmbH
Wittland 2-4
D-24109 Kiel

Phone: +49 (0)431 382165-00

wNewsNet is the solution for managing digital production data in the industrial prepress. The scope of functions covers the overall workflow from the receipt of content pages via an online web portal up to all steps to create final output jobs for film or plate exposure. The wNewsNet workflow can be used with Harlequin based RIPs to create tiff separations out of the PDF or PS jobs.