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Are you aiming your printer at the label and packaging market? Do you want to supply award-winning PDF creation and advanced workflow as standard with your product? Fundamentals bundles our Direct products with STEPZ and CLOUDFLOW from our partner, HYBRID Software. This gives you a single source of software fundamental to a label and packaging solution for a digital press.

Features and benefits

  • HYBRID STEPZ is an award-winning labels and packaging composition tool creating PDF print jobs.
  • Streamline Direct: analyzes, streamlines and converts print jobs from many sources and formats to print-ready PDFs
  • HYBRID CLOUDFLOW is an enterprise label and packaging workflow system.
  • Harlequin Direct: begin with print-ready PDFs and then RIP, screen and stream them at maximum physical print speed directly to the head driver electronics.



HYBRID STEPZ is an award-winning labels and packaging composition tool, featuring:

PDF editing
  • Designed for Labels & Packaging
  • No file conversions needed
  • Multi Platform Solution for OS X and Windows
  • 64-bit multi processing and multi-threading
  • PDF is the industry standard. It´s universal, secure and self-contained
Structured Assets
  • Separation and color profile handling
  • Fonts, text and character recognition
  • Images, graphics and external links
  • Barcode creation and recognition
  • Page box definition and positioning
Variable Data Imposition
  • Moves VDP where it belongs: from press room to prepress
  • All-in-one solution for prepress and VDP – based on PDF
  • Consistent process for any digital press
  • Optimized PDF creation for on-the-fly printing at full speed
  • Optional CLOUDFLOW module for automated industrial production
Nesting and Step and Repeat
  • Single application for one-up editing and
    Step and Repeat
  • Live Objects and variables for dynamic marks
    and ink eaters
  • Templates
  • Export die cut for toolmarking
Live Objects
  • Intelligent marks and info panels
  • Connect LIVE Objects to document content or external data
  • VDP for text, barcodes, external links
  • Define templates for dynamic document design

Streamline Direct

Will your print jobs arrive from many PDF sources and creators? Do you need to support non-PDF formats? Streamline Direct will check each PDF, allowing you to reject any that are likely to slow your device down. Streamline Direct can also be used to streamline any problem PDF to achieve the same output quality whilst maximizing your device speed. If your market requires non-PDF formats, Streamline Direct can be used to convert many formats to print-ready PDFs.

Harlequin Direct

Harlequin Direct gives you everything you need to take print-ready PDFs and then RIP, screen and stream them at maximum physical print speed directly to the head driver electronics. Harlequin Direct includes our award-winning PrintFlat technology to help take your device's quality to the next level.


CLOUDFLOW is an enterprise label and packaging workflow system. It is a compact, modern, and modular system for running automated graphics production workflows on a private or public computing cloud. More than ever, your success is based on processing a larger quantity of smaller orders, with the same number of employees and equipment. This requires a new breed of automation tools.


Prepress automation based on native PDF files
  • Unmatched speed: 64-bit multi-processing and multi-threading
  • Full customizable workflows
  • Complete set of prepress functions, such as document preflight and correction, separation handling, barcodes, transformations, trapping, flattening and many more
  • Advanced Step & Repeat for labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, spiral wraps, etc.
  • Variable data processing
  • Creation of job info panels, slug-lines, bearer bars, etc
Turnkey solution for soft proofing and collaboration
  • True HTML5 viewer, no plug-ins required
  • Correct high-res preview in the web browser
  • Support for native PDF, screened TIFF, LEN and other image formats
  • Difference viewing with auto alignment and separation selection
  • Advanced markup and annotation tools
  • Measurement tools for ink densities, distances and angles
  • Easy to embed in existing web portals with full API
Job management
  • Presents job information in a graphical user interface
  • Automatic creation of job related folder structure
  • Easy search and access to files in existing jobs
  • Execution of prepress and approval tasks based on job info
  • Call existing item or job for re-run with same or modified properties
Connectivity and data collection
  • Connection to MIS/ERP and other data sources
  • Generation and reading of XML or JDF
  • Compatible with all SQL databases
  • Dataconnector services
  • Data manipulation, such as XSLT translation (XML processing)
Order Lifecycle Management
  • Process management application for print production of labels and folding cartons
  • Job and item properties driven by existing ERP/MIS via standard XML or custom integration
  • Includes process and workflow templates for file management, approval, correction cycles, prepress, and step-and-repeat
  • Extensible and fully customizable using CLOUDFLOW´s Pagebuilder HTML editor
Multi-location service for files and license
  • Sharing files over regular internet instead of dedicated lines
  • Optimized synchronization of new and changed files on block level
  • File replication across multiple locations
  • Automatic distribution of file modifications
  • Synchronization driven by workflows or business process
  • Group-wide search capability on all assets
Workflow automation for 3D generation and viewing
  • Full HTML5 solution, no plug-ins required
  • High-res 3D viewing in the web browser
  • Seamless integration in workflow and approval processes
  • Automatic generation of 3D previews based on 3D models and PDF graphics
  • Built with powerful IC3D technology
Working with you

Here at Global Graphics Software we understand how difficult it can be to get started on your digital print journey, and so our Technical Services team is ready to offer free expert advice and help.

Dedicated experts in RIP and screening technology, principal software engineers and color scientists, all with decades of real-world experience, are ready to guide you through the process of selecting the right software components and then successfully implementing them into your press.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal, friendly service and work with you to ensure the fastest time to market.

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