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Perfect printed and digital communication


With Harlequin DirectPrint at the heart of your light production devices you can extend your market presence to those users who aren’t necessarily from a print background but who need to get the best color and quality from their devices.

Harlequin DirectPrint wraps all the amazing performance and productivity of the Harlequin RIP into an easy to use interface, by targeting new users in corporate reprographics departments and retail outlets.

It’s so flexible you can customize Harlequin DirectPrint to differentiate your solution from your competitors and to provide your customers with the features that are right for them.

Harlequin DirectPrint provides everything your customers need to produce consistent, predictable output whatever the job and whatever the media. No wonder Harlequin is the technology of choice for thousands of print service providers around the world.

As we expand our line of innovative production printers – including new continuous print and five color devices - Global Graphics continues to deliver leading-edge RIP solutions to power these units for the graphic arts and production market.

Rich Egert, OKI Data Americas.

At a glance

  • Gives you the potential to expand your market
  • Easy to use – it’s never been easier for your customers to print
  • Your branding and customizable – not all printer controllers have to be the same
  • Optimal quality without the need for complex user training
  • Exceptional color – accurate, consistent and predictable
  • Robust and versatile

Customize your printer controller

Not all your customers are the same so why give them the same printer controller? Now you have a choice.

Harlequin DirectPrint is easy to integrate into your product range and you can easily customize your solution based upon the real market needs of your users, or we can do it for you.

You decide which features you expose and how you want the user interface to look with your branding throughout.

So easy to use it boosts efficiency

Harlequin DirectPrint gives your customers three easy ways to print:

  1. Drag and drop one or more files for printing onto the main window;
  2. Create shortcuts for the configurations used most often and drag and drop print-ready PDF files onto these;
  3. Open a browser by selecting “Print” on the main window and select which jobs to send to print from there.

Alternatively your customers can print from within their application.

Exceptional color

Harlequin ColorPro™ provides excellent color process control, giving accurate, consistent color reproduction on any device and across a wide range of workflows — time after time, print after print.

Brand colors are handled with ease and color matching with other output is made possible with color emulation.

Pin sharp images

Harlequin Dispersed Screening enables reproduction with greater sharpness even at relatively low resolutions. It’s ideal for reproducing subjects which are susceptible to moiré and where detailed reproduction is required.

Harlequin RIP is the industry’s fastest print engine

Independent speed tests show that the Harlequin RIP delivers pages far in excess of the rated speeds of the industry's highest performing digital presses. Download.

Unbeatable performance

Only Harlequin technology has the performance you need to remove the pain points of slow files, speeding up production. This is due to ground-breaking new features such as Harlequin Parallel Pages™ which can cut the time required for a RIP and review cycle before committing expensive materials and Harlequin VariData™ which greatly accelerates the processing time for variable data printing and is great for processing bar codes, QR codes or personalized graphics.

More productivity, more flexibility

Harlequin DirectPrint is compliant with industry standards and compatible with a wide range of PDF creation tools. Harlequin’s all round performance continues to outpace other print engines. It handles a wide range of files that would choke other workflows because it can process PostScript®, PDF, XPS, TIFF™ and JPEG in one print engine.

Working with you

Every customer is unique

Global Graphics is not just a RIP supplier - a close development partnership is critical to achieve your goals and we engage early with you in the pre-planning process and work with you to optimize performance within your environment. Support is important to us and we closely integrate our support teams with yours to fine-tune the RIP to particular use cases.

Flexible and open commercial model

We work with you to support your business goals and pride ourselves on our flexibility to match your requirements. We are open to discuss pricing models, such as per device pricing, which allows you to increase the number of RIPs required or set a number of RIPs per customer.

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