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Perfect printed and digital communication


The Harlequin Embedded SDK provides you with high-quality PDL rendering for a wide range of embedded controller architectures and operating systems. It gives exceptional speed at low memory operation across all PDLs – PCL 5C, PCL 5e, PCL6, PS®, PDF and XPS – whether for color or monochrome devices. It provides the flexibility to engineer competitive differentiation into your solution and to add your own IP or a third party’s.

At a glance

  • High performance at low cost even with only a handful of RAM
  • So fast you can print faster with the same processor and memory
  • Licence whichever PDL or PDL combination you need
  • Flexible APIs to add your own IP to differentiate your solution
  • Support for all the major providers of fonts plus Global Graphics owns URW++ font foundry
  • More than just a renderer, there are options for color management, screening and imposition
  • Options for color management and screening or use your own or a third party's.

Reduce your overall costs and be quick to market

With the Harlequin Embedded SDK as your choice of software you can reduce your time to market and your development costs. Our aggressive pricing and flexible licensing of any or a combination of PDLs mean that you can significantly reduce your hardware costs for a given PPM. That’s a strong position for reducing your overall BOM plus you can deal with one supplier for rendering, fonts, color management, and screening.

Our code base is designed for portability to common embedded processors and real time operating systems, and to run in low memory environments.


High performance

The latest version of the Harlequin Embedded SDK offers significantly higher performance than previous versions from a single-core system with only a handful of RAM up to the latest multi-core environments.

It works effectively in a multi-threaded and multi-core environment withHarlequin Parallel Pages™ technology providing further performance gains. Customized interfaces allow for hardware acceleration. On personalized print or direct mail jobs Harlequin VariData™ intelligently recognizes the difference between static and variable data achieving further speed increases.

Differentiate your solution

The highly flexible APIs and extensive configuration options make it easy to integrate your print controller/system software, allowing you to include your intellectual property, or a third party’s, in the interpretation process as well as to optimize for your specific target hardware.


The Harlequin Embedded SDK produces excellent conformance results using industry test suites and gives you the option of rich and flexible in-RIP color management.

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How we work with you

You can implement the Harlequin Embedded SDK yourselves utilizing comprehensive documentation with support from Global Graphics’ Technical Services team. Or you can take advantage of Global Graphics’ full integration service which gives access to our dedicated embedded development team who provide custom API deliverables that are specific to OEM requirements, as well as on-site integration support.

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