The software behind perfect printed and digital communication
Perfect printed and digital communication

Examples of using Mako SDK

Mako is used by developers to create modern document solutions that add value and dramatically reduce development costs. Mako is powerful and flexible as a development platform and can be customized and branded to fit in with your application.

Mako is deployed on millions of computers world-wide (including East Asian countries) and with flexible licensing options you’re bound to find a commercial model with which you are comfortable.

Here’s an example of how Mako can be deployed.  Contact us for more detail.

Cloud-based document viewer

This example shows you how to build an HTML5 based PDF viewer using Mako Core. The example allows the user to log into their OneDrive account and select a PDF. Once selected the PDF page content is converted to SVG using the Mako TrueView technology and displayed inside an HTML5 container. The SVG content is high quality vector based page representation and can be smoothly zoomed and panned keeping pin sharp clarity.

All of the text from the PDF is retained in the SVG and can be searched and selected by the capabilities found in the web browser.  Using the annotation support in Mako the pages can be annotated and those annotations can be written back to the PDF.