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How to mitigate artifacts in high-speed inkjet printing

Fourth edition - September 2019

This White Paper explains why achieving maximum quality output is so difficult on a high-speed single-pass inkjet printing presses and also on multi-pass inkjet presses with scanning printheads.

It examines the causes of the most common artifacts, such as streaking, mottling and banding and the steps that can be taken in software to reduce these effects using award-winning solutions from Global Graphics Software.

Under discussion are:

  • Micro non-uniformity, or small-scale effects, resulting in streaking, mottling and graininess
  • Macro non-uniformity, or large-scale effects, resulting in banding
  • The challenges of processing data fast enough to print at high speeds

Each of these is addressed in turn and followed by an explanation of how artifacts may be resolved in software. These software solutions have been developed as a result of gaining real press time with multiple vendors who were experiencing difficulties in achieving output quality and throughput on their presses and called upon Global Graphics Software for assistance. Solutions were tested using a variety of printheads, inks, substrates, printheads and electronics and found to be effective in any workflow producing 8-bit contone raster.

Global Graphics Software has received two InterTech™ Technology Awards from the Printing Industries of America for its work in this field and is the rare position of having received an award on two consecutive years.


2019 InterTech Award

PrintFlat™ is a recipient of a 2018 InterTech™ Technology Award

2018 InterTech Award

ScreenPro™ is a recipient of a 2018 InterTech™ Technology Award

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