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OPC UA Inside

The SmartDFE is connected to the rest of the production system using OPC UA-compliant interfaces. We have integrated OPC UA into the SmartDFE as both a "Server" and a "Client", both communicating down to printer subsystems and the production line, as well as up to the wider smart factory. OPC UA is an open standard for information exchange for industrial communication and is supported by the 800+ members of the OPC Foundation and deployed to over 50 million devices.

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Features and benefits

  • Deployed in over 50 million machines worldwide
  • 750+ members of the OPC Foundation (Mitsubishi, Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, Cisco)
  • Uses latest open standards
  • Platform independent
  • High performance
  • Connect to industry-standard Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Connect to most PLCs
  • Connect with Machine Vision system
  • Powers Industrie 4.0
  • Visualize alarms and events from anywhere in the world ("Press Ready", total sheets, head temperatures)
  • Send commands to the SmartDFE from anywhere in the world (eg Start, Stop, Pause)
  • Easily control multiple Smart Print Controllers
  • Full encryption and security stack (secure by design)
  • Communicate data to the Cloud whilst keeping the firewall closed
  • Multiple Fieldbus standards (ProfiNET, Can etc)

Smart Print Controller (OPC UA Server)

The SmartDFE has an integrated OPC UA Server, which allows the printer to appear as a single device to the Smart Factory OPC clients and multiple SmartDFEs to be controlled from one point in the factory (using industry standard HMI and SCADA systems). With the OPC server, data from the SmartDFE can be published to the wider smart factory and stored in the Cloud for trend-based analysis (e.g. predictive maintenance). Using the OPC UA alarm and event interface you can publish events on the printer to handle held mobile tablets anywhere in the world.

Smart Print Controller (OPC UA Client)

The SmartDFE's OPC Client allows it to display and communicate with devices within the production line. It can communicate with subsystems within the printer, such as display inkjet head temperature and ink levels. It can also communicate with other systems in the production line via the PLC, such as trigger beacons, trigger rejection mechanisms and allows the production line to be started. The OPC Client can be used to display printer information within the user interface alongside the job information, providing a single interface for the print operator.

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