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Intense price pressure, the impact of managed print services, mobile and cloud printing, are just some of the trends affecting the office print market. More than ever before, OEMs need to choose the right partner with whom to develop and implement their strategy. Global Graphics has scalable software RIPs that can be used across an entire product range, from low-end desktop units through high-end print servers and including legacy devices and workflows. Global Graphics’ software is platform agnostic so you can choose your preferred platform and OS.

Mobile printing

picture of a smart phone Printing from mobile devices has the potential to grow from fewer than 3 million pages in 2009 to more than 100 million by 2012, to nearly 2 billion by 2015 ( Lyra Research).

Input format support

text in various scripts and languages The commonly used fixed-format page description languages, PDF, PostScript®, PCL and XPS along with JPEG, TIFF and other image formats are interpreted directly and natively by the Global Graphics’ RIP.

Performance, device resources and costs

OEMs have difficult decisions and tradeoffs to make between desired performance, device resource availability and overall system costs. Global Graphics understands this complexibity and works with OEM partners to ensure the optimum performance is achieved in their devices within the design and cost constraints of the proposed product. Equally important is meeting the quality standards required. A comprehensive quality approach is agreed with the OEM and all products are verified against industry standard and customer agreed test suites.


OEMs need RIP technology that can be used on all classes of devices and be scaled to take advantage of the resources available in the device. The same RIP core can be configured to run on single core ARM based devices in SoHo printers or used in high-performance multi-core production printers. The major advantages of using the same technology is consistent output across all devices irrespective of the class of device and savings in overall support costs.

Platform Agnostic

The flexibility to choose between Intel, and ARM-based platforms such as Marvell, Conexant or FreeScale processors gives OEMs the greatest range of options to build products. OEMs can make their hardware and OS choices, knowing that Global Graphics technology can be ported to run on it. Deployments have been proven on Intel, PPC and ARM based processors using a wide range of OS options, for example Linux, ThreadEx, VxWorks and Windows.

Close engineering partnership

Close engineering relationships are at the heart of successful projects. Global Graphics’ ethos is to work in partnership with printer manufacturers and their choice of hardware and OS suppliers to help them bring their products to market effectively. We interface with all parties to ensure that products are delivered on-time and on-budget.

Customise with your own IP

A rich set of interfaces allows integration of unique IP to add value. The Global Graphics RIP contains our own screening, color management and font rendering technology but, using the interfaces provided, OEM partners can integrate their own technology/IP for these functions if required.

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