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Integrated hardware and software solutions for graphics and industrial inkjet printing

The Global Graphics group

Companies in the Global Graphics group develop complete solutions for digital press manufacturers to get them to market quickly, using best in class, award-winning technology. We have solutions for every stage of your project: prototyping tools; printhead driver solutions; DFEs; and the fastest available RIPping and screening software.

About Global Graphics Software

Our core technologies for digital printing enable press manufacturers to future proof their solutions, achieve the productivity and quality output they require and keep their bill of materials under control. All our software is developed by our award-winning in-house teams giving you complete control over your project. We’re trusted by global brands to supply the technical innovation that adds value to their solutions.

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What’s the best effective photographic image resolution for your variable data print jobs?

16 Jul 2020

It goes without saying that the final quality of your printed piece is paramount. But when speed and time constraints are also critical, what can you do to ensure your files fly through the press and still reward you with the quality you expect? Optimizin…

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Some of our valued customers


If your main business is manufacturing printers or integrating digital print into industrial processes

For printer OEMs and Integrators, Direct takes the rocket science out of developing software for the next generation of faster, wider, higher resolution digital printers. Our Direct range of products are built using the fastest core technologies on the market and continue our utmost commitment to quality. Go Direct to unlock the full potential of your next digital printer.

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If you create your own software

For software developers whose business it is to create powerful print software, our cross-platform Core SDKs are the place to start. Each SDK comes with over 30 years of print industry experience and a reputation for unrivalled speed and quality. Together with our SDKs you get access to our Technical Services team whose only job is to get you to market in record time.

Harlequin Core is a Raster Image Processor, or RIP. It converts text and image data from many file formats including PDF, TIFF™ or JPEG, into a format that a printing device can understand. Harlequin is the fastest RIP engine available, powering the next generation of digital printers. Proven in the field, the first Harlequin-based digital presses were introduced from 2002.

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ScreenPro is a halftone screening engine. It uses patterns of discrete ink drops and the media to trick your eye into seeing rich colours and tones. ScreenPro is the fastest independent screening engine, allowing our customers to run at full rated print speed whilst enhancing quality (including PrintFlat). ScreenPro can be added to any existing workflow and RIP.

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Rapidly develop upstream tools for viewing and manipulating of PDF, PCL, PostScript and other page description languages. Mako is ideal for the creation of powerful prepress workflows, managed print service solutions and much more.

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PrintFlat recipient of a 2019 InterTech Technology Award

Removes banding from inkjet printing.

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2019 Intertech Technology Awards

Mako adds value to Racami transactional workflow

28 Jul 2020

PDF files from multiple sources are “cleaned up” seamlessly before onward multi-channel processing.   Global Graphics Software has licensed its Mako™ SDK to Racami, the authors of the Alchem-e™ customer communications management platform …

Global Graphics collaborates with Inèdit on digital textile production

11 Jun 2020

Global Graphics Software, developers of core technology for digital printing, is collaborating with Inèdit, the authors of neoStampa, the most popular RIP software for textile digital printing, to create an enhanced PDF engine for textile workflows. NeoSt…

Full Speed Ahead

How to make variable data PDF files that won't slow your digital press