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Technical Services

At Global Graphics Software, we recognize the challenges of embarking on a digital print venture. Our Technical Services team is dedicated to assisting you in this journey. Launching a new print solution is a significant engineering feat, and additional support is always beneficial. Our business model is based on selling licenses for each print solution you market, meaning our success is tied to yours. Our goal is to help you bring your product to market swiftly. If your print solution incorporates Global Graphics' components, our Technical Services team is committed to helping you achieve success efficiently and promptly.

Accelerate to market with our free BreakThrough service

Our BreakThrough service enhances your team with our expert engineers and scientists, expediting your product's launch. Available in 5-day blocks, the cost is offset against future license purchases when your solution begins shipping, effectively making the service complimentary. This is part of our commitment to mutual success, designed to minimize obstacles and accelerate your market entry. Unused days from the service can be saved for future needs. Our Technical Services team's primary goal is not consultancy revenue, but to ensure you quickly start shipping products with Global Graphics Software components.


The Team

Building a team adept in launching print solutions is a significant and expensive task. The most experienced professionals in print software are typically found in specialized companies like Global Graphics, making them hard to access. To address this, we've created a dedicated team of our top developers and scientists who can collaborate directly with you to expedite your market entry. Once your product is in the market, you can rely on our technical services team at any time for assistance to further accelerate your development.


Built to be agile

The Technical Services team adheres to the best practices of the agile software industry, enabling us to adapt priorities swiftly upon request. Our approach includes:

  • Tracking all work in half-engineering-day increments
  • Organizing work into weekly sprints, anticipating regular changes in priorities
  • Strictly following software development best practices, such as unit testing and continuous integration
  • Using Source Control (Bitbucket) and a Build Server (Team City) for efficient management
  • Conducting both developer and customer testing to ensure quality
  • Handing off prototypes to either our customers or our Product Team for further development


Talk to us about your project

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