Global Graphics Software
Intelligent software components for Print OEMs and ISVs


Key features in our products are provided by outstanding technologies, such as PrintFlat™ to mitigate artifacts in inkjet printing, and color profiling and calibration tools to provide accurate, consistent and predictable color reproduction for a wide range of workflows.


Increase production efficiency and improve the quality of your prints with STEPZ®, an award-winning labels and packaging composition tool.

For advanced workflows, CLOUDFLOW® is an enterprise label and packaging workflow with support for PDF, color separation, trapping, screening, proofing and more.

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OPC UA is an open standard for information exchange for industrial communication.

SmartDFE has OPC UA built in and can connect to the smart manufacturing process, supporting Industry 4.0. You can also connect to an existing HMI or SCADA or create your own custom DFE within days.

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Achieve the best quality with PrintFlat™. It mitigates artifacts in inkjet printing, correcting for density non-uniformity, commonly caused by variation within a print head, between heads or wear on the head(s).

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Buying SmartDFE Workflow™ or a Direct™ product means you’re instantly ‘Meteor Ready’ and can choose to use Meteor printhead driver electronics without changing your software.

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When you license technology from Global Graphics Software you can be sure to have the best in color management available through a range of products from ColorLogic.

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Achieve high-quality color without specialist print knowledge with SmartMedia™. Available with SmartDFE, this comprehensive toolkit creates a library of Smart Media Definitions that can be included with the press for your end user.

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