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Pushing print boundaries: AI-accelerated inline Digital Front End for ultimate single-pass performance

Winner of a Pinnacle 2023 Technology Award

SmartDFE for Labels & Packaging

SmartDFE for Labels and Packaging is an award-winning collection of innovative and market-proven components that enable your engineering team to get to market quickly whilst giving them the space and capability to add their own value. SmartDFE is a full software stack for high-speed, single-pass, label and packaging inkjet presses. It includes everything from job creation and pre-press workflow through to printhead drive electronics. SmartDFE includes print intelligence, giving you industry-leading quality without the PhD and secure connectivity to power Industry 4.0 scenarios.

SmartDFE for Industrial

SmartDFE for Industrial is a software component built for single-pass inkjet printing in industrial settings. It integrates smoothly with factory control systems using the OPC UA interface. This makes adding an inkjet printing station to a factory as straightforward as adding any other industrial component. SmartDFE brings together a range of proven and cutting-edge components, all backed by over 30 years of experience in printing.