Global Graphics Software
Intelligent software components for Print OEMs and ISVs

About Us

Global Graphics Software develops intelligent software components for Print OEMs and ISVs. We’re trusted by global brands to supply the technical innovation that adds value to their solutions. We are a subsidiary of Hybrid Software Group PLC which is listed on Euronext (HYSG).

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The roots of the company go back to 1986 and to Cambridge, and today the majority of the R&D team is still based near this iconic university city. There are also offices near Sarasota, Florida and in Tokyo.

Our global team comprises an exceptionally talented group of software architects and engineers. They are highly valued by our partners because they have the vision to produce innovative solutions and the specialist skills to solve complex problems.

Why Global Graphics?

Our customers choose us because:

  • Our software is technically superior and performs faster than our competitors
  • The engagement model offered by our Technical Services team accelerates your time to market
  • We are innovators in high-speed digital printing
  • We are experts in overcoming the output quality challenges of high-speed inkjet printing
  • We have a flexible and open commercial model
  • We are easy to work with because we have a partnership approach to development
  • We offer superb technical support

Global Graphics blog

Innovative core technology for digital print
Meet Applications Specialist Nigel Wild

14 August 2023

Meet Nigel Wild, an appplications specialist and responsible for workflow in our SmartDFE™. Nigel joined us in 2022. How did your career path lead you to Global Graphics Software? I started life as an electronics engineer working for Misomex, servicing and installing CAD, Laser Stepper, and Step & Repeat machines. As the technology moved, so …

Innovating beyond ink: where small ideas blossom

14 June 2023

When our software developers take time out in The Shed, our maker space where we try out new technologies and hardware, we never quite know what ideas will surface. But thanks to one software developer’s ingenious creativity we’re now the proud owners of a patent for a method that uses seeds instead of ink to …

World-class products and technologies

Our printing products and technologies include:

  • SmartDFE™: a smart software and hardware stack that integrates print into the smart factory, delivering everything from mass production to mass customization in a single solution.
  • Award-winning Harlequin RIP® software, that drives the industry’s fastest performing digital presses.
  • ScreenPro™: a software engine used to improve inkjet image quality and compatible with any printing industry workflow.
  • Mako™: a multi-platform software development kit for building custom workflows, particularly where many file formats need to be combined. Can be used upstream of the Harlequin RIP.
Technical Services

If you need help to get your press to market or have a technical issue that’s stopping you from reaching your market, our dedicated experts can help you to break through any barriers. Our only aim is to get you to market sooner.

How we add value
For OEMs

We provide world-class solutions to technical problems, help you respond to market requirements and expand your product offerings.

For ISVs

We can accelerate your time to market, add a competitive edge to your product and help to extend your market presence. We can also work with you as a development partner on future innovations.

For system integrators

We work with you to ensure successful integration of our printing and digital document software and provide specialist knowledge and consultancy to facilitate your project.

Patented technology

Global Graphics’ research and development team comprises international experts on Page Description Languages, document formats and color science. Our existing patent portfolio covers many areas of printing and document technology while numerous patent applications will protect our future inventions.

Industry standards and compatibility

Global Graphics has always taken an active role in industry standards setting bodies and associations. Today our former Chief Technology Officer and now consultant for Global Graphics Software is the UK primary expert on the International Standards Organization (ISO) for PDF, for PDF/A (the standard for archiving electronic documents) and for PDF/VT (the standard for use of PDF in variable data print workflows).