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STEPZ by HYBRID Software

STEPZ® is an award-winning labels and packaging composition tool featuring:

PDF editing
  • Designed for Labels & Packaging
  • No file conversions needed
  • Multi-Platform solution for OS X and Windows
  • 64-bit multi processing and multi-threading
  • PDF is the industry standard. It's universal, secure and self-contained
Structured assets
  • Images, graphics and external links
  • Barcode creation and recognition
  • Page box definition and positioning
  • Nesting and Step and Repeat
Single application
  • One-up editing and Step and Repeat
  • Live Objects and variables for dynamic marks and ink eaters
  • Templates
  • Export die cut for toolmarking
Live Objects
  • Intelligent marks and info panels
  • Connect LIVE Objects to document content or external data
  • VDP for text, barcodes, external links
  • Define templates for dynamic document design


CLOUDFLOW® is an enterprise label and packaging workflow system that's installed alongside the Smart Print Controller in SmartDFE to create advanced workflows. It is a compact, modern, and modular system for running automated graphics production workflows on a private or public computing cloud. More than ever, your success is based on processing a larger quantity of smaller orders, with the same number of employees and equipment. This requires a new breed of automation tools.

Prepress automation based on native PDF files
  • Unmatched speed: 64-bit multi-processing and multi-threading
  • Fully customizable workflows
  • Complete set of prepress functions, such as document preflight and correction, separation handling, barcodes, transformations, trapping, flattening and many more
  • Advanced Step and Repeat for labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, spiral wraps, etc
  • Variable data processing
  • Creation of job info panels, slug-lines, bearer bars, etc
Job management
  • Presents job information in a graphical user interface
  • Automatic creation of job-related folder structure
  • Easy search and access to files in existing jobs
  • Execution of prepress and approval tasks based on job info
  • Call existing item or job for re-run with same or modified properties
Connectivity and data collection
  • Connection to MIS/ERP and other data sources
  • Generation and reading of XML or JDF
  • Compatible with all SQL databases
  • Data connector services
  • Data manipulation, such as XSLT translation (XML processing)
Order Lifecycle Management
  • Process management application for print production of labels and folding cartons
  • Job and item properties driven by existing ERP/MIS via standard XML or custom integration
  • Includes process and workflow templates for file management, approval, correction cycles, prepress, and step-and-repeat
  • Extensible and fully customizable using CLOUDFLOW's Pagebuilder HTML editor
Multi-location service for files and license
  • Sharing files over regular internet instead of dedicated lines
  • Optimized synchronization of new and changed files on block level
  • File replication across multiple locations
  • Automatic distribution of file modifications
  • Synchronization driven by workflows or business process
  • Group-wide search capability on all assets
Workflow automation for 3D generation and viewing
  • Full HTML5 solution, no plug-ins required
  • High-res 3D viewing in the web browser
  • Seamless integration in workflow and approval processes
  • Automatic generation of 3D previews based on 3D models and PDF graphics
  • Built with powerful IC3D technology.
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