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InPrint Munich

14 March 2023 - 16 March 2023

Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany

Join Tom Mooney, Product Manager - SmartQuality™, for his talk at InPrint Munich on Wednesday, 15th March 2023:

Is this object really what it claims to be?
How the emerging technology of digital watermarking is contributing to intelligent packaging

As more goods are purchased or delivered from online systems, the need for anti-counterfeiting and authentication throughout supply chains is ever greater. What if there is a way to authenticate products where every barcode is unique, carrying encrypted data that can be traced back to a specific item printed, manufactured or packaged at a specific site at a specific time?

In this talk, Tom will share:

- Why digital watermarking is a more effective way to authenticate products than traditional techniques

- Two ways to add a digital watermark in your print workflow

- When to add a digital watermark in the print workflow and the advantages and disadvantages at various stages


InPrint Munich is for printing professionals and manufacturers who want to maximize new business potential for print applications in the industrial production sector. The exhibition is targeted at professionals from the printing industry and from various industry sectors, such as aeronautics and aerospace, packaging and containers printing, architecture and design, automotive, consumer goods manufacturers, medical equipment and many more. Talks and presentations will take place on the exhibition floor in the FuturePrint Tech theatre.

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