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Full Speed Ahead

How to make variable data PDF files that won't slow your digital press


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  • Vendor independent
  • Clear Do's and Don'ts
  • Practical format for easy reference
  • Actionable recommendations

New in 2nd edition:

  • Updated to cover PDF/X-6, PDF/VT-3, now that they are published
  • Clarifications and extensions arising from feedback on the 1st edition

Download Full Speed Ahead

You can download the guide Full Speed Ahead: how to make variable data PDF files that won’t slow your digital press by submitting this form. We'll email you a link to the PDF.

About the guide

Poorly designed PDF files required to print variable data disrupt production and reduce ROI. This new guide offers advice to anyone with a stake in Variable Data Printing including graphic designers, print buyers, composition developers and users. It shows how to produce good PDFs that will fly through the production process because they have been constructed in the correct manner so as not to slow down a digital press.

About the editor

Martin Bailey is Global Graphics' former Chief Technology Officer. He's currently the primary UK expert to the ISO committees maintaining and developing PDF and PDF/VT.

Contents include:

  • What is variable data print?
  • A representative variable data print workflow
  • The file formats used for delivering variable data jobs
  • Why optimization of variable data print jobs matters
  • How to make efficient PDF files
  • Technologies for printing variable data
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