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About Global Graphics Software

We’re one of the world’s foremost experts in printing, PDF and digital document software. We’re trusted by global brands to supply the technical innovation that adds value to their solutions.

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Our markets

We provide the performance, quality and engineering know-how needed for industrial inkjet printing, high volume digital printing and digital labels and packaging.

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Our products

High-performance RIPs, print engines and controllers to drive the highest throughput devices at high-quality. Decades of color science, screening, font and image expertise.

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New in Harlequin Host Renderer 12.1

• Support for PDF Processing Steps (ISO 19593-1) • Seamless halftone screening • Support for BMP input • Expanded support for systems using multiple RIPs

Global Graphics accelerates drupa product announcements

19 Mar 2020

Cambridge UK, 19 March 2020: Global Graphics‘ companies Global Graphics Software, Meteor Inkjet and Xitron are accelerating their drupa product launches despite the postponement of the show and the pre-drupa media conference that precedes it. “We stand sh…

Global Graphics acquires prepress workflow & RIP developer Xitron, LLC

8 Nov 2019

Looks to leverage digital print strategy while capitalizing on established market share.


PrintFlat recipient of a 2019 InterTech Technology Award

Removes banding from inkjet printing.

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2019 Intertech Technology Awards

Harlequin Host Renderer SDK

The Harlequin RIP gives the best performance and output quality for digital production printing, labels, packaging and industrial inkjet applications. It excels at single-pass high-speed inkjet offering innovative technology developments for improving image quality, such as Advanced Inkjet Screens. Proven in the field, the first Harlequin-based digital presses were introduced from 2002.

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ScreenPro is a multi-level screening engine that will complement any workflow. It overcomes technical hurdles involved in developing a new press such as chaining and clustering, obtaining crisp bar codes and small text. Used with grayscale heads, multi-pass systems or page wide arrays driving high speed inkjet at blistering speeds.

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PrintFlat™ corrects for density non-uniformity, commonly caused by variation within a print head, between heads or wear on the head(s). These attributes result in banding on the printed output which is very difficult to correct for in hardware, for example by tuning voltages. With PrintFlat every nozzle can be addressed separately on any head/electronics to achieve very fine granularity.

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Fundamentals is a software and engineering services package for inkjet press manufacturers that helps them get to market quicker. It overcomes technical hurdles involved in developing a new press such as chaining and clustering, obtaining crisp bar codes and small text and inkjet head calibration.

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Mako SDK

Mako is a multi-platform technology (mobile, desktop and cloud) that allows developers unrivalled access to the building blocks of the digital page and the freedom to change any aspect of the document. Mako is equally adept with interactive, desktop or web applications as it is for high-speed document processing for prepress solutions.

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