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Achieve smooth, noise-free flat tints while retaining detail in highlights without scum dots

Harlequin Cross Modulated Screening (HXM) merges the best aspects of stochastic and conventional screens to give you smooth, exceptionally printable, high-quality tints. The size of the halftone dots can be controlled at both ends of the tone scale: highlights and shadows. The full tonal range is printable without artifacts, even at higher screen rulings than you though possible.

HXM is available at both offset and flexo screen angles, and enables fine control over the minimum dot size to ensure crisp highlight tone reproduction in your specific environment.

Produces pin-sharp images and color that leaps from the page and helps overcome common printing imperfections like visible rosettes, moiré and dirty highlights.

Pin sharp-01.svg

Produce pin-sharp images and dramatic color

Print screen-01.svg

Print screens at a higher line ruling than would normally be considered reliable

shadow and highlight-01.svg

Ensure high-quality shadow and highlight areas by printing the full tonal range

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