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a.b. graph

From its founding in 1989 a.b. graph has been dedicated to Software Development, System Integration and Marketing in the Prepress Industry.

Supported by our long and vast experience in the industry a.b. graph’s aim is always to deliver the latest innovative Soft- and Hardware technologies as well as complete- custom made solutions. World-wide cooperation and partnerships form the basis for our continued progress and development and guarantee our ‘State of the Art’ technology.

PrintPilot Commander

A state of the art Prepress Workflow for the price of a few errors.

  • Automate your Imposition
  • Share your existing Harlequin RIPs
  • Save time and resources
  • Catch errors before they cost you money
PrintPilot Color Server

Have your Harlequin RIP print to ISO standards.

  • Manage conversion of color spaces
  • Determine individual gamut of your press
  • Easily meet the expectations of print buyers
  • Prove your flexible adaptation to changing demands
PrintPilot RasterProof

PrintPilot RasterProof generates authentic proofs from the original high resolution data – instantly, without additional work steps, which would occur in a separate proofing process, for instance when using a proof plugin for the creation of a proof print or PDF.

PrintPilot FanOut Compensation

Eliminate misregistration due to paper stretching.

PrintPilot Fanout Compensation provides a means of individual corrections to each printing plate with Harlequin RIPs from V7 onwards of any OEM brand.