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Bodoni Systems

Bodoni Systems is the UK’s leading colour management consultancy and publisher of pressSIGN, the world’s most popular print standardisation software.

Bodoni has been helping printers produce consistent quality for almost 25 years and been a major force in driving colour standards around the world. A team of dedicated professionals with a depth of experience provide pre-and post sales support to our customers in the UK and around the world.

Bodoni has a network of colour consultants, who sell and support pressSIGN and our other software products in every major territory.



pressSIGN is the world’s most popular print standardisation software with over 3,000 licenses sold around the world and supported by a network of colour consultants able to train and install the software.

pressSIGN is used by printers, print buyers, brand managers and publishers to monitor and control colour on all printing process including litho, flexo, gravure and digital.

pressSIGN Global Print Management synch’s measurements to deliver real time reports on print quality across the internet.