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Innovative software components for digital print

Innovative core components for digital print

If you need to integrate print into fully automated smart factories

Mass personalized/customized products at near mass production prices is the Holy Grail for retailers. The SmartDFE is a full software and hardware stack from a single supplier that adds print to the fully automated smart factory. Adding SmartDFE to your product now gives you a single solution that can deliver everything from mass production to mass customization at the same cost as current devices.

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If your main business is manufacturing printers or integrating digital print into industrial processes

For printer OEMs and Integrators, Direct takes the rocket science out of developing software for the next generation of faster, wider, higher resolution digital printers. Our Direct range of products are built using the fastest core technologies on the market and continue our utmost commitment to quality. Go Direct to unlock the full potential of your next digital printer.

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If you create your own software

For software developers whose business it is to create powerful print software, our cross-platform Core SDKs are the place to start. Each SDK comes with over 30 years of print industry experience and a reputation for unrivalled speed and quality. Together with our SDKs you get access to our Technical Services team whose only job is to get you to market in record time.

Harlequin Core is a Raster Image Processor, or RIP. It converts text and image data from many file formats including PDF, TIFF™ or JPEG, into a format that a printing device can understand. Harlequin is the fastest RIP engine available, powering the next generation of digital printers. Proven in the field, the first Harlequin-based digital presses were introduced from 2002.

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ScreenPro is a halftone screening engine. It uses patterns of discrete ink drops and the media to trick your eye into seeing rich colours and tones. ScreenPro is the fastest independent screening engine, allowing our customers to run at full rated print speed whilst enhancing quality (including PrintFlat). ScreenPro can be added to any existing workflow and RIP.

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Rapidly develop upstream tools for viewing and manipulating of PDF, PCL, PostScript and other page description languages. Mako is ideal for the creation of powerful prepress workflows, managed print service solutions and much more.

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