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Unrivaled speed

Ensure the highest possible throughput with Harlequin Host Renderer

Harlequin Host Renderer drives the industry’s highest performing digital presses, consuming up to 45 GB of raster data per second!

It contains a host of features designed to optimize data throughput. Speed is a key focus of the Harlequin development team, because a faster RIP enables presses with very high data rates to be driven at engine speed and reduces the bill of materials for a digital front end (DFE) or controller.

That’s because with a faster RIP you can drive high volume devices with fewer RIPs and you require less hardware. You can run on Linux too, as well as Windows, reducing licensing costs.

Independent speed tests carried out by the Rochester Institute of Technology show that Harlequin has plenty of processing power head room over the industry’s highest performing digital presses, delivering pages far in excess of the print devices’ rated speeds.



Minimizes the cost of hardware required to reliably achieve engine speed



Gives performance boost for maximum throughput on digital devices



Enables more efficient utilization of CPU cores in configurations using a 'farm' of multiple RIPs



Enables rapid implementation of cost-effective solutions


Parallel rendering

Harlequin Parallel Pages interprets and renders in parallel



Expanded support for systems using multiple RIPs on a single or multiple servers

Achieving speed

Our developers optimize the code for high speed, avoiding large amounts of unnecessary processing. Among the techniques for achieving speed are: highly efficient interfaces for RIP configuration, control and tracking; 64-bit processing gaining access to a larger addressable memory space and more efficient data transfers; flexibility in memory management so as to avoid the need for a data copy post-RIP.


Multi-threading with Harlequin Parallel Pages allows maximum use to be made of both work station and server grade multi-core CPUs ensuring the highest possible throughput. Harlequin uses multiple threads for parallelizable processes such as transparency compositing and rendering, processing multiple bands at the same time on different cores. This means that all of the cores in a processor are working harder for a much larger proportion of time, squeezing out maximum performance.

Variable data

Processing speed is especially important when variable data print jobs are being processed. If every page, label, package or image is different, then it must be processed individually and at engine speed. Harlequin VariData™ identifies intelligently graphics that are used multiple times. (It is not limited to only selecting Forms or Images in PDF files, and will amend the order of graphics on the page to maximise efficiency.)

RIP farms

The Harlequin Scalable RIP is a framework that expands support for systems using multiple RIPs. It is designed to support press vendors in building higher and higher speed digital front ends to drive faster and faster presses. It gives press vendors access to a complete scale of solutions from a single RIP, through multiple RIPs on a single server, up to multiple RIPs across multiple servers.

Multi-threading using Harlequin Parallel Pages™. Multiple threads are used to perform the various steps of RIPing and outputting the pages of a job at once; there are no longer any periods when only a single thread is active.

By making every RIP faster and by maximizing the utilization of the hardware Harlequin RIPs can reduce the total bill of materials for a DFE by a significant amount.

Working with you
Every customer is unique

Global Graphics is not just a RIP supplier - a close development partnership is critical to achieve your goals and we engage early with you in the pre-planning process and work with you to optimize performance within your environment. Support is important to us and we closely integrate our support teams with yours to fine-tune the RIP to particular use cases.

Flexible and open commercial model

We work with you to support your business goals and pride ourselves on our flexibility to match your requirements. We are open to discuss pricing models, such as per device pricing, which allows you to increase the number of RIPs required or set a number of RIPs per customer.