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Meteor Ready

Meteor Inkjet supports all major industrial inkjet printheads and offers rapid support for new printheads, so you have ultimate flexibility in your printhead choice. For example, you can begin your press development having chosen one printhead model and then switch to another with minimal impact to your development schedule. Or you can mix printheads from multiple vendors and models in a single press. With this flexibility comes a comprehensive set of tools and services to deliver an exceptional product to market.

Features and benefits

  • Mix printheads from different manufacturers and models
  • Add Meteor electronics without changing your software
  • Change printhead type late in your press development
  • Includes NozzleFix™ technology
  • Includes Mixed Mode™ technology
  • Printhead drive electronics and software for systems of any size or complexity
  • Support for single-pass and scanning applications
  • Solutions for all major industrial inkjet printheads
  • Drive multiple printheads and print bars, break the raster into swaths and provide printhead stitching with the powerful data path
  • Handle encoder and product detect signals
  • Simulate printhead output during developing and debugging with the SimPrint Tool
  • Configure text files for system configuration including printhead layout
  • Edit printhead waveforms using the MetWave™ tool
  • Meteor Inkjet DropWatching system


Meteor’s exclusive nozzle-out compensation technology for single-pass or scanning systems, NozzleFix, eliminates single pixel streaks from clogged or failed nozzles by using good nozzles to counteract poorly performing adjacent nozzles. Deviated or missing nozzles are identified to the Meteor datapath and switched off while nearby nozzles apply compensating fluid in the same or different color planes resulting in seamless correction.

Mixed Mode technology

SmartDFE typically operates in FIFO mode with Meteor electronics, allowing printers to handle fully personalized content at high speeds with appropriate PC hardware. However, for printers that only print partially variable data in one channel, SmartDFE can switch to Mixed Mode. In this mode, static data is preloaded into buffers for each static print bar (like Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta) at the start of a run. Then, only the variable data is sent to the channel controlling the variable data print bar (like Black). This approach often lowers the PC hardware requirements for the printer while maintaining full printing speed.

Meteor-supported printheads

Konica Minolta
Seiko Instruments
Toshiba TEC

Waveform Development Service

From training, to waveform development, to extended reliability testing, Meteor’s committed team of technical specialists offer a tiered collection of tools and services for ink characterization, print reliability analysis and waveform evaluation/optimization.

Available for all major industrial inkjet printheads.

DropWatching Systems

Meteor DropWatchers evaluate and optimize printhead and ink combinations using production-ready electronics that can be transferred straight to manufacturing, allowing visualization and characterization of drops in flight, while adjusting waveform parameters using live feedback.

Meteor DropWatching Systems are essential tools for waveform characterization and development, and available for all major industrial inkjet printheads.


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