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Incorporating an additional RIP Server PC into your system establishes a direct link with a vision system for quality assessment using SmartQI™. This server is adept at delivering RGB composite images to your inspection system, ensuring they are in sync with the rasters sent to the press. Such synchronization is crucial for uniform control of both the printing and inspection processes.

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A standard SmartDFE configuration, which includes the integration of a SmartQI component.

A specialized implementation of SmartQI, crafted to operate independently on printing presses that do not use a SmartDFE base.

The role of SmartQI's selective masking

In the realm of variable data printing, where each raster may vary, the vision system is tasked with processing a significant volume of data. SmartQI is equipped with features that streamline this process, reducing the workload for the vision system. A notable function is SmartQI's ability to generate masks that highlight key areas of the raster, like sections containing labels, while omitting irrelevant spaces. This selective focus aids in efficient data processing.

Accurate RGB sync in SmartQI

SmartQI's RGB output is adjustable to align with the RGB images captured by the camera. This alignment greatly enhances the efficiency of the comparison process within the inspection system, making it quicker and more accurate.

Available standalone for vision inspection customers

After integrating with SmartQI, a vision inspection company can provide a seamless plug-and-play solution for any system equipped with SmartDFE. This integration is facilitated by the inclusion of the SmartQI license within the SmartDFE system, eliminating the need for additional royalty fees. For compatibility with non-SmartDFE systems, the vision company can acquire a SmartDFE Server license. This license enables them to offer a standalone system specifically tailored for inspection purposes.

Furthermore, the integration process with third-party Digital Front Ends (DFEs) is simplified thanks to the OPC UA interface. This interface streamlines the connection between SmartQI and various DFE systems, ensuring a hassle-free integration process for enhanced inspection capabilities.

Mako SDK

Choosing Your Inspection Tool: SmartQI vs. Mako SDK

SmartQI is designed for camera inspection tasks that demand high-speed inline inspection of variable data. For tasks with lower data rates, such as offline variable data inspection and examining static documents, we provide a more straightforward solution known as the Mako Core SDK.

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