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Boost your output quality with ScreenPro

ScreenPro is a multi-level screening engine that will complement any workflow. You can licence it on its own, or as part of the Fundamentals software and BreakThrough services package. 

With ScreenPro you can achieve excellent print quality and produce very smooth images and graduations or sharp text and barcodes from presses with relatively low resolutions.

Most commonly used in inkjet printing, where the Inkjet Print Head technology is capable of delivering different size ink droplets, ScreenPro applies a number of different levels of colorant density to the substrate. Thus a single location on the output might be paper colored (no ink), 25% colorant density, 50% density, 75% density or solid colorant. Different print heads support 2-bit screening (giving paper plus 3 levels of coverage), 4-bit (paper plus 15 levels - so called grayscale heads)), or some intermediate number of levels.

ScreenPro varies the amount of ink delivered from the inkjet head to overcome common problems, such as streaking and mottling, to produce significantly better print quality. The engine applies halftones built using our new Digital Print Optimizer tool to calculate optimized patterning and overlaps for the various ink drop sizes available. This allows ScreenPro to be fine-tuned for particular press/substrate combinations and significantly improves the printed quality of photographs and similar image types, especially in highlights and areas of subtly changing tones.

High-quality multi-level screening can achieve the appearance of a much higher resolution than with a binary (1-bit) screen. Used with binary or grayscale heads, multi-pass systems or page wide arrays, the engine can be integrated into Digital Front End workflows. ScreenPro can be used with any RIP and any third party DFE.

Multiple ScreenPro engines can be run on the same server or offloaded onto separate computers. This parallel processing of screens leads to blistering speeds especially with dedicated ScreenPro engines driving individual print bars for each color.

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We had a printer which produced good quality output. With ScreenPro it was great quality!

At a glance

  • Complements any workflow
  • Optimize print quality by tuning the screens for your press
  • Reduce development time and get to market quicker
  • Produce very smooth images and graduations or sharp text and barcodes from presses with low resolutions
  • Generate accurate tone reproduction by building density compensation into the Screenpro halftone definition
  • Create screens for virtually any number of colorant levels and choose which levels you want to use

Screening options

New screening options available with the ScreenPro screening engine include Chameleon and Chimera that have been developed in response to press manufacturers' concerns about image quality in single pass inkjet applications.

Add ScreenPro to your DFE

Building a Digital Front End for a new press? ScreenPro is a multi-level screening engine that will complement any workflow. You can licence it on its own or as part of the new Fundamentals software and BreakThrough services package. Fundamentals is designed to help inkjet press manufacturers get to market quicker. It overcomes technical hurdles involved in developing a new press such as chaining and clustering, obtaining crisp barcodes and small text and inkjet head calibration. Read more.

Improve inkjet output quality with Global Graphics' screening options

This latest white paper highlights a new service for inkjet press developers to create tailored halftone screening that mitigates artifacts from the print process. Download.
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