The software behind perfect printed and digital communication
Perfect printed and digital communication


  • hp-indigo.png

    HP Indigo

    HP Indigo has chosen the Harlequin RIP as the RIP engine inside the HP Production Pro for Indigo Labels & Packaging. This is the new HP digital front end (DFE) designed to drive all HP Indigo digital labels and packaging presses and has been rated as 5x faster than the previous DFE.

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    The engine that drives the HP Indigo Digital Press range via either the HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server or the HP Smart Stream Ultra Print Server digital front ends is built around Global Graphics’ technology. Global Graphics has been a technology provider to HP since 2002.

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    Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho (TKS) of Japan use the Harlequin RIP to drive their inkjet newspaper press. The web fedJETLEADER 1500 is used for high-speed, full-colour digital newspaper production, printing 600 x 600 dpi duplex at 150 metres per minute. TKS also makes use of in-RIP imposition, color management and trapping.

  • isys-label.png

    iSys Label

    iSys Label is an innovative developer and manufacturer of Color LED and Inkjet printers. The combination of the iSys Label toner platform, Harlequin RIP software, and iSys’ imaging software has made iSys leaders and innovators through their ability to bring exciting new products to the market. The EDGE 850 and the APEX 1290 toner-based label printers are both powered by the Harlequin RIP. It provides the excellent color control required to ensure consistent color density throughout the print run.

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  • kodak.png

    Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group is a unit of Eastman Kodak Company, the world’s foremost imaging innovator. This Group provides commercial printers, packaging printers, publishers, data printers, and enterprises with one of the broadest portfolios of technologies, products, and services in the graphic communications and document capture industries. Kodak Composer Software uses Global Graphics’ technology, which also provides support for Kodak Approval Halftone Proofer and Kodak Versamark Printing Systems.

  • hybrid-software.png

    Hybrid Software

    Hybrid Software specialises in order lifecycle management for the graphic arts industry. The CLOUDFLOW platform is a compact, modern, and modular system for running automated graphics production workflows in a private computing cloud with user interfaces developed in HTML5, so workflows can be controlled from any web browser or computing tablet. The Harlequin RIP provides a complete feature set for all printing techniques with full control of screen sets and calibration and with extensive packaging specific controls.

  • agfa.png


    Global Graphics’ technology is at the core of Agfa’sArkitex system, the Arkitex Enhance RIP X is designed to fit into all newspaper workflows. A high-performance solution that manages color production tasks including RIPping, previewing, storing and transferring files to the proper image setting device, :Arkitex Enhance RIPs drive a variety of imagers including capstan, color drum recorders, computer-to-plate, laser printers and transmission systems.

  • wasatch.png


    Wasatch Computer Technology has been developing innovative graphic arts and print management software for over 25 years. Wasatch develops software RIPs and print management solutions for large format digital printing, screen separations, flexography, giclée, textile and other specialized digital printing markets. The SoftRIP is based on Global Graphics’ technology.

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  • corel.png


    Corel is renowned for its award winning graphics and productivity software with a broad portfolio of photo, video and DVD software. Corel leverages Global Graphics’ PDF and Page Description Language technology to give Corel’s customers an even greater selection of powerful PDF capabilities that make it easy to create, share and archive documents and information.

  • fuji-xerox.png

    Global Graphics has been supplying PDF editing technology to Fuji Xerox since 2004, and provided the initial engineering expertise and consultancy that allowed preview, display, zoom, annotate and search in the first release of the DocuWorks document management solution. Since 2010 Global Graphics has also supplied a white label version of gDoc PDF Creator in seven languages as well as 32 and 64 bit versions for DocuWorks. DocuWorks has shipped to three million users in Japan and more than 350,000 users mostly in the Asia Pacific area.

  • presstek.png


    Presstek, Inc. is a leading supplier of digital offset printing solutions to the printing and communications industries. Presstek's DI® digital offset solutions bridge the gap between toner and conventional offset printing, enabling printers to cost effectively meet increasing customer demand for high quality, short run color printing with a fast turnaround time Global Graphics’ technology enables Presstek to offer output support for Presstek DI Presses, highly automated digital offset presses.

  • hp-pwp.png

    HP Page Wide Web Presses

    The Harlequin RIP powers the HP SmartStream Production Elite Print Server that drives HP’s T series ultra-high volume inkjet web presses at speeds of up to 7,000 pages per minute.
  • delphax.png

    Delphax Technologies Inc. is a global leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of advanced digital print production systems. For more than 30 years, Delphax Technologies has pioneered high-speed digital imaging innovations that improve throughput and enhance efficiencies for publishers, direct marketers and other commercial print customers where cost and quality are important. Global Graphics’ Harlequin technology powers Delphax’s new generation of products, such as the elan 500 cut-sheet inkjet press.

  • oki-data.png

    OKI Data

    OKI Data Americas, a subsidiary of OKI Data Corporation of Japan, serves the graphic arts and production and specialty printing markets with the OKI proColor Series digital production printers. The Harlequin RIP is available with the C900 multi-media production platform and drives the C711DW and pro511DW digital web presses.
  • canon.png

    Canon Finetech

    Canon Finetech Inc. uses technology from Global Graphics to provide the processing power for a range of inkjet print modules. The modules are used for a variety of commercial printing applications such as business forms, direct mail, and address labels, and are capable of very high speeds.

    Canon Production Printing Solutions

    Global Graphics supplies the technology for the SX9000 high- speed Kanji digital printer from Canon Production Solutions, formerly SIS. The SX9000 printer is used for the high-volume production of bank statements, invoices and direct mail and is capable of handling vast quantities of Japanese data. SIS was the company that first gave computers the ability to process Japanese Kanji characters in the 1970s.
  • xitron.png


    Global Graphics’ technology is at the core of Xitron’s Navigator GPS workflow. Navigator RIPs are the pre-press foundation of small print shops, large commercial printers and multi-million dollar publishing houses around the world. Navigator GPS is a powerful and easy to use and responsive workflow solution compatible with direct imaging presses and computer-to-plate, film and proofing output devices.
  • compose.png


    Compose System is an established developer of pre-press workflow, digital color proofing and print publishing solutions. The Express RIP™, based on technology from Global Graphics, provides a comprehensive array of image processing and workflow solutions, supporting over 180 image setters, plate setters, ink-jet plotters and color lasers.
  • ecrm.png

    ECRM Imaging Systems

    ECRM Imaging Systems is a global leader in imaging technologies for the graphic communications industry. WorkMates™ is an easy to use, automated digital pre-press solution based on Global Graphics’ technology. It offers print shops many tools, such as ScreenMate, ProofMate, and TrapMate, to accelerate and automate tasks and they can add modules as they need them.
  • onyx-customer.png

    Onyx Graphics

    ONYX develops and markets commercial printing software and solutions for the digital color printing marketplace. By combining color science, image processing and print production knowledge, ONYX delivers powerful, reliable printing workflow solutions. Onyx Graphics achieves great color “out of the box” with Global Graphics’ technology, the PostScript and PDF basis for Onyx RIPCentre, Postershop and ProductionHouse, their three main products that drive most wide format and grand format devices.
  • quark.png


    Global Graphics’ PDF technology has been used by Quark since Version 6.0 of QuarkXPress, the page layout and design software. It provides direct PDF output for high-end printing and cross media publishing. Quark also uses another Global Graphics component to provide full-resolution preview for EPS files that can be scaled or magnified with minimal pixelation, permitting page elements to be positioned more precisely.
  • screen.png

    Screen Americas

    Global Graphics’ technology is at the heart of the HQ-510 RIP, a high-performance RIP for driving Screen’s Plate Setters. PixelStream Workflow Solution is a powerful, reliable, and integrated system that combines all the elements of a traditional digital pre-press workflow into a single economical unit for creating pages, trapping, rendering, imposing, and creating film or plates.