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Mako is a multi-platform technology for creating, interrogating, manipulating and visualizing PDF documents, offering precise control over color, fonts, images, vector content and much more.

“We use Mako to create reliable and true color PDF with our server. The robust and approved engine from Global Graphics is critical to provide a stable server environment for high performance processing and best quality document results.”

Features and benefits

  • Ideal development kit for creating custom print workflow components.
  • Use upstream of your RIP or the Harlequin RIP®, with targeted optimizations to enhance RIP performance.
  • Bi-directional conversion between any of the supported Page Description Languages to any other.
  • Use Mako’s high-speed RIP for everything from thumbnails to high-resolution bitmaps for printing, or generate platform-specific visualization for mobile, web and Windows apps.
  • Build for Windows, multiple versions of Linux, macOS, iOS, Android and Windows 10 IoT using the same APIs.
  • Examine or change the objects that make up a document, using Mako’s own document object model (DOM).

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Preparing for print

Use Mako to develop custom prepress components to carry out discrete processing steps. Split, merge, convert or remove color, impose, simplify content complexity or add new content such as 2D barcodes. Mako offers a comprehensive API to do all these things, with lots of well-commented sample code to get you started.

Organize pages

When using Mako’s page-level APIs to split, merge or impose, common resources (fonts, images etc.) are duplicated in split files, or when merging, duplicate resources are added only once and then referenced. Mako’s thread-safe model enables such operations to leverage multiple cores for performance.

PDF analysis

Quickly determine the characteristics of a PDF, from simple things like page size & count, to image size colorspace & resolution or layer information. Build sophisticated, custom analysis tools with Mako’s fast, dedicated PDF APIs to obtain font and spot color usage, and much more.

Add or modify content

Mako provides APIs capable of reaching into a document to make context-sensitive changes to the objects that make up the page. Using these you can accurately update colors, resample images, modify text, fonts or vector content, or create new content to add to the page.

Also use Mako for:

PDF rendering

Create accurate previews of PDF pages in any application where this is a requirement.

Desktop & Server

Use Mako as a foundation for processing PDF, generating new PDF content, enabling automated processes and supporting complex workflows.

Printer drivers

Create output for print workflows directly from the Mako document object model, for use in printer drivers or server-side processes that need to print.


Implement server-side processing of documents with Mako’s Linux distribution. 

Windows 10 IoT

Global Graphics Software is a technology partner for Microsoft IoT. Generate high quality, PDF-based documents, print directly from the device and deliver documents via the web.


Available in Android and iOS. Build high-quality, fluid PDF viewing capability directly into your app, convert between PDLs or use Mako’s rich APIs to manipulate document content.

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